31 Griffin Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Griffin tattoo meaning

Mythical animals, combining the strength of a lion and the swiftness of the eagle, it was known in ancient times.

Griffins decorated with coats of arms, household items and architectural monuments. In Europe, Griffin was considered a positive, sunny creature, often symbol of evil and opposed to the night — the dragon.

The main quality of a griffin — strength, nobility, vengeance and vigilance. The ancient Greeks considered him a messenger of the gods. Portray a griffin on the walls of dwellings loved inhabitants of ancient Russia. In the late Christianity griffin associated with celestial elements.

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Meaning tattoo griffin largely inherits the ancient ideas about this fantastic beast. Being a hybrid of the two living creatures, griffin symbolizes the duality of human nature, a constant struggle and a reasonable animal, a dark and light side. A positive value griffin tattoo — courage, loyalty, protection of the weak and generosity. Negative — the desire for revenge and vindictiveness.

In any case, putting on the body image of a griffin, you are making an application for its originality and high-born.

Griffin is applied to different parts of the body, but preference is given to the chest and shoulders — a tribute to the heraldic tradition, when the stamp of the beast placed in prominent places. Tattoos with griffin bought men and women with a firm and noble character, often by representatives of paramilitary professions.

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The spiritual and physical strength


Greatness, strength, swiftness

Photos and designs

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