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Hammer tattoo meanings

Ancient people believed much more modern in otherworldly forces, spells, incantations, and more. With the development of the progress of mankind has not lost faith in other worlds, people with psychic abilities, even though science has reduced the number of believers. All the characters are designed to protect from the evil run deep in antiquity. In those days, did amulets, talismans, signs applied to them, on clothes and skin. Tattoos and now have a protective effect. One of the strongest protective signs served as Thor’s hammer, used in the days of the Vikings.


Meaning tattoo hammer of Thor

It symbolizes the hammer has undergone significant changes. Initially, it was used in the worship of the Sun god. Then it began to be perceived as unattached to anything mystical sign. In both cases, the hammer of Thor carried order antihaos, good recovery. Tattoo Hammer was done by people to show their courage and ability to stand up against any attacks. The image gets rid of any disease, energize for the enemy’s resistance, help to make fair decisions.

Now the hammer of Thor tattoo placed on his body wishing to display their uniqueness and strengths of nature:

  • Cunning and resourcefulness.

  • The desire for freedom and independence.

  • The persistence and stubbornness.

  • The desire for power.

After the release of Marvel movies, a lot of fans of the God Thor, which is placed on the body of his sickle.

Photo tattoo hammer of Thor reflect the uniqueness and beauty of the image. It carries the mystery and uniqueness. A person with this illustration on the body, most likely, is an extraordinary personality. The image may help in business and politics. Hammer of Thor looks courageously and is more suitable strong half of the population. Most prefer to have the image on the hands, back or chest. Symbol fits perfectly in the composition, the combined themes of mystery and antiquity.

Photos and designs

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