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Hammer fish tattoo meanings

Despite the biased attitude, tattoo fish-hammer carries a deeper meaning. Previously, these images filled their sailors as the sign of respect, fear and worship of the sea , its inhabitants. Today, tattoos are primarily talking about the strength and firmness of the character of their owners, as well as determination, courage and immense confidence. It should be noted that these values Tattoo hammerhead fish correspond to the holders of different sex and age.

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This type of tattoo can vary in:

  • Size.

  • Stylistics.

  • Color.

  • location.

For the manufacture of tattoos with fish-hammer can be used as a range of saturated colors that will give a realistic picture, as well as 1-2 shades, if the image is stylized. In terms of the location of these subjects are universal — they can fill in the back, legs, arms, chest or neck. The size of the tattoo Hammerhead can be small or large scale. make wearable drawings medium size most frequently (up to 15 cm in length), which looks quite impressive and original.

If you are creative, self-sufficient, successful and talented people, tattooed with this kind of shark suit you at an opportune moment. With such a design on the body you certainly will feel more confident in themselves and their abilities.


Undaunted, cunning, power, danger


Freedom, dignity, intelligence

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