37 Hare Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


The hare (rabbit) tattoo is a symbol of fertility and abundance, tenderness and innocence, lust and sexuality in different cultures. For example, the Chinese horoscope says that a rabbit is the happiest animal of all zodiacal signs. Therefore, it is believed that a tattoo with a rabbit brings luck to its owner in the Celestial Empire today. In addition, the symbol of the hare refers to the energy of the “yin” in the Chinese, to the female principle: it is kindness, gentleness, tenderness, femininity.

Conservative English attributed this animal to magical properties and associated it with highly developed intuition. The Great Hare was elevated to divine status and was considered the God of fertility by the first inhabitants of Canada. The rabbit is a symbol of wealth and prosperity to this day in India, the Japanese identify them with such qualities as cunning and intelligence.

The image of a hare was considered a symbol of love in Ancient Greece and Rome, this animal was the constant companion of the goddess Aphrodite. The rabbit was a female talisman for some people, protecting from infertility and helping to facilitate the process of childbirth.

A hare is a symbol of Easter in Christianity, it is usually considered a herald of renewal of life and rebirth. The interpretation of the image varies considerably depending on religion and culture, so before you get a rabbit tattoo, think about what interpretation of this character is closer to you in spirit and mood.

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The tattoos depicting a rabbit are most often preferred to be made by women who want to show their desire for freedom and emancipation, to emphasize their uniqueness and sexuality. But do not forget that the importance of rabbit tattoo is treated as a symbol of defenselessness, innocence and shyness for many people. Therefore, everything depends on individual preferences.

Such a tattoo has a cartoonish image most often. This fact is easily explained by the high popularity of Disney cartoons, the national hero from “Well, just you wait!”, the merry rabbit Roger — a character from the animated film “Alice in Wonderland”. Of course, such tattoos do not carry any hidden symbols, they only indicate that their owner is a cheerful, open and ardent person who loves life.

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