39 Hawk Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


The image of birds is popular among the fans of tattoos. The birds are always associated primarily with the sky, flight, freedom. The most popular are the following representatives of birds: the eagle, the bullfinch, the hawk, the raven, the falcon and the sparrow.


The hawk is a bird of prey, admiring many of his beauty, purposefulness, the ability to overtake his prey. There are the following meanings for hawk tattoos based on their behavior in nature:

  • Hunting instincts, the ability to look out for prey reflects a sense of purpose, perseverance, vigilance.
  • Hawks choose a couple for life, so the tattoo can symbolize love, loyalty to their second half.
  • A hawk can fly to the Sun without closing his eyes, showing the ability to overcome any obstacles on the path of life.
  • The tattoo of a hawk has the meaning of freedom, flight, inspiration like any representative of birds.
  • The carnivore of the hawk symbolizes the ability to walk on the heads on the way to the set goal.

Because of its predatory, formidable and aggressive type of tattoo, the hawk is chosen mostly by men. Masters create individual sketches of a hawk tattoo with the outstretched wings or in a prey capture position. The images of the bird’s head are used to show an acute look. It can be supplemented by various symbols, inscriptions, elements of nature.

The image of this bird on the body will suit people with the following character traits:

  • Purposefulness, the ability to go to the goal through obstacles, the ability to concentrate.
  • Loyalty, devotion, ability to appreciate love.
  • Striving for freedom, independence from the environment.
  • Inspiration, flight of the soul, the presence of talent.
  • A person’s desire to show his superiority over others.

Photo of the hawk tattoo shows how varied the pattern is, can be used in a variety of colors. The picture with a predator requires a lot of space, the back is more suitable for the tattoo.

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