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Hawk tattoo meaning

Among the fans of tattoos popular bird image. Birds have always been associated primarily with the sky, flying, freedom. The most popular representatives of the following birds: eagle, bullfinch, hawk, crow, falcon, sparrow.


The hawk is a bird of prey, admired by many for its beauty, commitment, the ability to overtake its prey. Based on its behavior in nature, there are the following values ​​tattoo Hawk:

  • The hunting instinct, the ability to look out for prey reflects dedication, perseverance, vigilance.

  • Hawks choose a mate for life, so the tattoo can symbolize love, loyalty to its second half.

  • Hawk can fly to the sun, without closing his eyes, showing the ability to overcome any obstacle in life.

  • As with any representative of the birds, the hawk tattoo has a meaning of freedom, flight, inspiration.

  • carnivorous hawk symbolizes the ability to walk over towards the goal.

Because of its predatory, threatening and aggressive type of hawk tattoo chosen mostly men. Masters create individual sketches tattoo hawk with outstretched wings or capture prey pose. The Picture only birds, showing a sharp look. It can be complemented with different symbols, inscriptions, elements of nature.

The image on the body of this bird is suitable for people with the following traits:

  • Commitment, the ability to achieve the goal through the obstacles, the ability to concentrate.

  • Loyalty, dedication, ability to appreciate love.

  • The desire for freedom and independence from the environment.

  • Inspiration, excitement, flight of the soul, the existence of talent.

  • The desire of man to show his superiority over the other.

Photo tattoo hawk show how varied pattern can be used in different colors. For drawing a predator takes a lot of space, so is suitable for tattoo back more.

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