25 Headphones Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Headphones tattoo meanings

Tattoos in the form of headphones have become in high demand in specialized stores just a few years ago. It should immediately be noted that these tattoos do both women and men, because in the love for music There are no restrictions on age or gender. Some of the most popular ideas for «music» wearable image:

  • In-Ear Headphones with beads «departing» notes and a treble clef.

  • Studio headphones with a microphone.

  • harping on this accessory in a variety of styles.
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Many tattoo artists have come to the conclusion that the representatives of the stronger sex prefer to fill an image or studio DJ headphone, and girls often make their choice in favor of «droplets» that look sophisticated and feminine. The place for such tattoos can be varied — Shoulders, neck, wrists, chest, shoulder blades, etc. The spectacular tattooed just looks small headphones-droplets, which is located behind the ear


In most cases, the headphones as a sketch for a tattoo choosing creative people, music fans, DJs and musicians, thus emphasizing their belonging to the musical culture. Some owners of tattoos say that over time they have improved even an ear for music and voice.

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Record player

Creative person

Фото тату на плече

Musicality, emotional depth, harmony

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