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Hedgehog tattoo meaning

Despite the fact that today the tattoo hedgehog and not too popular, however, this picture has its fans among people of art. Of particular popularity peak picture urchin on the body came in 1975 — at the time of release of the acclaimed animated film «Hedgehog in the Fog». Comical image of the animal is so liked, for both children and adults, that this ezhikobum arrived in the country. If children could buy a toy hedgehog, sculpt it out of clay or other materials to build, the adults have gone much further — they were pictured Tattoo hedgehog in the fog


Cartoon character so touchingly looked at the body, which causes very positive and happy association . Today, modern designers have several tattoos altered image of a cartoon character, adding his modern details.

The symbolism and meaning

Hedgehogs are insectivores and animals inhabit this planet a long time. Accordingly, the lack of information about this wonderful being there. Many myths, tales and legends of different peoples of the world tell us about the positive and negative traits of the mythical image.

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For example, hedgehog image is always present in the environment of the Goddess Ishtar — emblem symbolizing Mother. At the same time, Christians have given the image of a peaceful animal wicked sense — it is believed that the theft of fruits and vegetables with an ulterior motive. It turns out that the Christian interpretation of the symbolism urchin not too too positive.

The peoples of Asia and Africa in the guise of an animal not seen anything wrong — rather, urchin spines associated with gentle rays of the rising sun, and the animal was identified itself with the worldwide star, and therefore to be treated with reverence. On the back of the animal tried to portray as much fruit — and then the next year will bring a great harvest of fruits and vegetables


Although the modern symbols tattoo hedgehog can and should be interpreted based on the a positive heritage of mankind . Today, it can be a symbol of insecurity and militancy at a time. This means that the owner of tattoos only superficially looks helpless and defenseless. And in fact, it has enough internal strength to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Tattoo hedgehog can cause people of all ages, women and men. A small image is best to put on the blades, shoulders and arms. A larger picture is better placed on the chest and back.

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Intellect, modesty


Flexibility, adaptability, regeneration

Photos and designs

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