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Hero tattoos

In light of recent political developments in all spheres of society it is becoming increasingly important topic of patriotism. Fans of tattooing as looking for a variety of national symbols, elements of Russian culture and the echoes of ancient traditions to organically capture them on his body.

Tattoo hero becomes a great boon for men. This figure is like nothing else represents the power, strength and honor a true Russian man.

Татуировка богатырь на коне


Images of heroes came to us in the form of fairy tales and other folklore. These epic warriors were famous for their incredible strength, easily dealt with the enemy, guarding the homeland from the evil spirits.

Interestingly, the subject of tattoos also became famous painting «Three Heroes» by Vasnetsov.

Their impact is similar Russian hero with the Japanese samurai, a Roman gladiator and Scandinavian knight. All these images symbolize courage, willingness to lay down his life to defend the homeland, courage and nobility.

Эскиз тату рыцарь

Honor, valor


Courage, courage, honor

Photos and designs

Татуировка богатырь на плече Тату богатырь на руке Татуировка богатырь во всю спину Тату рукав богатырь Эскиз тату богатырб Фото татуировки богатырь Фото тату с богатырем Фото тату богатырь на спине

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