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Let’s talk about the meaning of the hero tattoo. The Russian epics and legends of the Slavic peoples are full of images of heroes, mighty and stately soldiers who embodied the brightest qualities. The hero was the personification of strength and valor, without a shadow of a doubt they became the defense of their native land and flew whole hordes of the enemy.

The records have been preserved that confirm the authenticity of some events that took place so long ago that they passed to the rank of epic in ancient chronicles. There is not a single person who has not heard the tales of Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich. A vivid example in the painting is a picture of Vasnetsov depicting these mighty warriors.

The image of an invincible warrior can be seen in the myths and legends of other nations. Warriors of the Scandinavian sagas (berserkers) could turn to escape any enemy, they always kept apart and zealously guarded their secrets.


The Greek hero Hercules is also the embodiment of good in the myths of ancient Greece. Defeating the monsters, performing tasks beyond the power of the common man, Hercules committed his 12 exploits.

татуировка богатырь

The image of the hero himself is collective. In this epic hero all the best qualities that a person possesses are collected.

These qualities have recently received a vivid manifestation in the life of the Slavic peoples. The manifestation of patriotism and love for the homeland found their reflection in tattoos, it is still the same hero, epic warrior and defender of his native land. Quite often, young people choose this particular picture.

Together with the drawing, the body can be marked with the symbolism of Orthodoxy, or symbols of the ancient Slavs, which is characterized by love for the ancestors. The warrior is always depicted ready for battle and fully armed, and the tattoo of the heroes of Russia impresses with its variety. It can be Svyatogor, so strong and big that only mountains can withstand it. Mikula Selyaninovich, absorbed the strength and endurance of ordinary peasants who worked the land and were ready for battle for centuries. Wolga Svyatoslavovich, great hunter and werewolf, who understands the language of beasts and birds.

значение тату богатырь

There are also tales about the heroes who really existed. Their brightest representative is Ilya Muromets.

фото татуировки славянский богатырь

All of the above listed advantages and are the determining factor for applying such an image on the body, which characterizes the owner of the tattoos of Russian heroes as a brave and strong person.


The hero tattoo is suitable for a man who is ready to fight for truth, valiant and honest.

  1. Courage: the hero distinguished the presence of spirit and courage in actions. The hero’s tattoo is suitable for a man who is ready to fight for the truth, coming out on the battlefield, the warrior was a model of valor and courage.
  2. Sacrifice: when going to battle, the Russian knights were ready to lay down their lives for close people and their native land.
  3. Purity of thoughts: never heroes denigrate themselves by a lust for profit, all actions were moved exclusively by love.

This is how you can characterize the meaning of such an image on the body.


As a rule, girls and women make drawings more elegant and refined in their subjects. Slavic epic in women is manifested images of amulets and various runes.

татуировка коловрат

These was the images that girls put on their body to protect themselves and future offspring from harm.

In which style is it better to make this tattoo?

1. One of the most winning options is a black and white tattoo. Image in this style is suitable for both men and women. Such tattoos over time are less prone to burnout and the texture of the picture remains bright and clear, provided the use of quality and certified paint.

Many girls choose this style, a professional master, skillfully using halftones, can perform tattoos of any complexity. It is black color that is classic and is used in many tattoos.

эскиз тату богатырь

2. A realistic tattoo is the second recommended style for the image of a hero. The application of portraits on the skin originates in the 19th century, people depicted on various parts of the body the outstanding figures of that era. A lot of masters of this time claim that realistic tattoos are the most difficult to perform.

A master who does this job must be a first-class tattoo artist, and also have outstanding artistic skills.

The realism has a large army of fans, the image has a bright and colorful structure that attracts the attention of others.


  1. The back.
  2. You can draw a tattoo of three heroes, or an episode of a battle on the back. This part of the body provides enough space for maneuver. The tattoo is big enough

  3. Shoulder and forearm.
  4. The picture depicted on extremities is smaller in size and has an elongated structure of the figure. It can be a portrait or an image of a warrior in full growth.

  5. Breasts.

More voluminous portrait tattoos are represented on the chest, as on the arm, because these places for drawing a picture bigger than the previous.

Many people, visiting the tattoo parlor, ask the question: «How much it hurts.» Considering the new technologies used at this time, it is rather an unpleasant procedure than painful, and in the process of drawing a picture on the body due to ointments, the pain sensations are slightly dulled.

Drawing a picture on the arm or chest will take quite a long time, or you may have to visit the salon more than once. The hero tattoo on the shoulder will attract the attention of the townsfolk. If you are going to score your back, have patience. Inking a tattoo with dimensions of 8X10 centimeters takes about 2-4 hours. These parameters will serve as a starting point for you, you can determine how much time you will spend on this tattoo.

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