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Horns tattoo meanings

A very popular way among tattoo lovers are horns. Many people like to place on the body of a deer horn, ram, goat or other animals. These illustrations have many different interpretations, as well as the values ​​of interest. However, try to understand the meaning of tattoos, which can be seen on this image alone is hardly possible without specific knowledge.

underwear pattern with a skull and horns of a male symbol that represents the greatness and power of government. Such tattoos are often made by people who have the position in the sphere of its activity. Their owners realize is subject to the successful cash projects. This pattern can be seen on the bodies of bikers. In contrast to this tattoo stands edinogoroga image, which is considered to be a female character. Many people have the desire to portray on his body unicorn with wings, that will symbolize:

  • innocence;
  • gentleness;
  • beauty;
  • purity;
  • happiness.

In ancient times it was believed that unicorns are magical abilities. The legend tells that this animal horn has healing powers that could cure the ailment strong and give immortality.

People born under the sign of the ram, can take for himself as a totem tattoo horns of the ram or lamb. Despite the fact that the animal itself represents stubbornness, his horns are the way of wisdom and male power. By way of male power also includes antlers. They represent the inner beauty of a person and his dignity. The mighty branched antlers acquire meaning longevity .

Rarely seen on the body of a demon horns, which often emphasizes the negative aspects of the character of the tattoo wearer. All of these tattoos look good in volumetric performance. That is why they can often be seen on the back or chest. Small pictures can be placed on the neck, shoulder or behind your ear.


Tattoo cornucopia

This image is jammed in the past on the skin using henna, which ensured its bearer financial wealth. In the ancient time this tattooed personified the god of fertility. That is why the cornucopia image is always pictured with flowers and fruits, which spilled on one of its sides. The owner of a tattoo should soon get the good luck, prosperity in business and multiplication of material prosperity.

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Longevity, purity, justice

Эскиз татуировки череп в цвете

Intimidation, death, chaos

Photos and designs

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