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Horse tattoo meanings

The image of the majestic horse (horses) since ancient times has a deep symbolic meaning. After all, ever since man tamed this noble animal, the horse became his indispensable assistant, symbolized wealth, strength, speed, courage, endurance . The different peoples and beliefs horse image has often been associated with the gods: red and white — with light forces, black and gray — dark


In some religions, the horse is not only accompanied by the gods, but also is the conductor of the dead to the underworld. In Celtic culture, the representative symbol of a momentous life changing wildlife. The ancient Chinese endowed horse logical thinking , associate horses with diligence, speed, fire element, attributed it to seven of the most revered animal. Happiness and abundance personified the image of a horse in the Islamic world.

Today, the horse is a symbol of the collective image. The horse is associated with vitality, impetuosity, beauty, grace, sexuality, fertility, intelligence, dedication and generosity.

Тату-с-головой-черной-лошади Тату-с-головой-белой-лошади Тату-лошадь-на-предплечье Тату-лошадь-на-лопатке Тату-лошадь

Not by chance the horse tattoo in various interpretations quite often. Image unicorn is a symbol of innocence, elegance, purity of soul. Pegasus (winged horse) stands for fortitude, liberty, the pursuit of the unknown.

The choice for aspiring romantics

The value of the horse tattoo light color is treated as a link with the light forces, the red horse is the symbol of fire. Carrier horse is forward natural power, energy, wind , freedom, speed.

If the focus of the figure put on the teeth or horse mane of dark color, it is associated with some demonic forces. Since ancient times, it is considered that the image of horse skull is designed to scare off evil spirits.

tattoo with the image of a horse ideal purposeful, energetic, strong, upbeat people who are prone to romance and travel. This is the choice for those who are always ready to take risks and unexpected, courageous actions.

And also for people who want to develop and improve these qualities in yourself. If you are one of them, then our collection of Photo Horse tattoo will stay on one of the options that will have you on the soul.

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Inspiration, grace


Wisdom, fertility, fidelity

Photos and designs

Тату-лошади-на-спине Татуировка-лощадь-на-груди Татуировка-лощадь Татуировка-лошадь-на-лопатке Татуировка-лошадь-на-боку Татуировка-лошади-на-плече Татуировка-крылатая-лошадь-на-плече Татуировка-конь Татуировка-в-виде-лощади-на-лопатке тату-голова-лошади-сбоку-спины Тату-голова-лошади-единорога Рисунок-тату-лошадь Наколка-с-лошадью Наколка-лошадь Наколка-в-виде-лошади Красивая-тату-лошадь Красивая-татуировка-лошадь Интересная-тату-с-лошадью Интересная-татуировка-лошадь Значение-тату-с-лошадью Значение-тату-лощадь-на-лопатке Эскиз-тату-лошаь Эскиз-тату-с-лошадьми-в-виде-сердца Эскиз-тату-черная-лошадь Эскиз-узорной-лошади tatu-loshad Значение-татуировки-белая-лощадь Значение-татуировки-голова-лошади Значение-татуировки-лошадь Значение-тату-лошадь Эскиз-татуировки-лошадь Эскиз-тату-в-виде-лощадь Эскиз-наколки-лошадь ЧБ-эскиз-лошади Фото-тату-чб-лошадь Фото-тату-с-лошадьми Фото-тату-с-головами-лошадей Фото-тату-лощадь Фото-тату-лошадь Фото-татуировки-лошадь Тату-с-черной-лошадью Тату-с-лошадью-на-ноге Тату-с-лошадью-на-боку Тату-с-лошадьми-на-спине

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