34 Horseshoe Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Horseshoe tattoo meanings

At all times, to see and pick up a horseshoe on the road is considered a good sign. People who suddenly found this thing, took it to him and hung over the door. This was associated with a great success in all cases. Today to see the product on the road is almost impossible, because in cities for a long time no one rides a horse.

To always carry a talisman, some decide to make a tattoo on the body in the form of a horseshoe. It is equally well suited for both men and women. After all, everyone wants in this life to attract only the best .

If we consider the value of a horseshoe tattoo, then all over the world it is believed that it brings:

  • luck;
  • wealth;
  • happiness;
  • success.

The body can be found a horseshoe, which is painted horns up or down. The first option refers to a horseshoe tattoo-filled bowl, which is filled with abundance and happiness. Its shape pattern reminiscent of the nascent month , which can be interpreted as a symbol of growing wealth. It has a positive value as an image in which the element is rounded side facing up. This symbol will banish from the human adversity and misfortune. Often it is placed on the back, chest, abdomen or upper arm. Very rarely do a tattoo on his leg for the acquisition of energy and activity.

Many people stuffed themselves on the body with a horseshoe tattoo style Old School, with fat and contour of black paint. This picture will attract the attention of others due to its richness and solidity. It can be applied to the body as a separate element, or in conjunction with other images. As a rule, within the same four-leaf clover tattoos combine various flowers, stars, dice and other drawings.

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тату лепрекон 30

Wealth and success in life

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Photos and designs

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