49 Husky Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Husky tattoo meanings

Husky dog ​​tattoo on the shoulder or on foot is a symbol of loyalty, bravery, courage, sincerity. Many people considered these animals faithful companions, the accompanying person. The ancient Slavs believed that the dog had a supernatural gift of predicting the future. That is why these tattoos since ancient times was considered a talisman that protects people from evil spirits.

Husky breed lives in harsh conditions. This a strong and hardy breed . She never gives up, the desire in her blood. This dog of this breed is characterized by intelligence and individual character. People lacking these qualities, so they make themselves tattooed with the image of this wonderful animal.

What does the tattoo with the image of Husky?

tattoo with the image of the Huskies do people who primarily like this breed. Huskies fall in love with almost everyone with their sky-blue eyes. They live in the northern countries, it is not surprising that we have tattoo Huskies do those people who somehow are connected with Siberia.

tattoo with the image display quality of the Huskies, who have this dog — move forward, stamina, a sense of adventure. Meaningful glance makes you wonder, maybe it deystvitelnr understands? In these eyes there is something mysterious, mystical, that does not leave us alone.

Another tattoos value Huskies — memory of the four-footed friend . Sentimental owners make tattoo a portrait of a loved animal.

Which part of the body do a tattoo?

In most cases, people do tattoos in the form of a portrait Husky on the shoulder, thigh or calf muscle. Where more jobs for the future drawing. Styles vary from realism — style images with photographic accuracy, to Old Shool — classic tattoos.

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Loyalty, fidelity


Friendship, peace, compassion

Photos and designs

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