30 Iguana Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Do you know that the word “tattoo” has Polynesian roots? It comes from the Tahitian dialect, where the term “tattoo” means the picture. Polynesians meant images on the body, as a rule, and they were considered sacred. The right to put images on the skin had only the priests — the most revered people of the tribe. And some pictures needed to be earned, for example, by special strength and agility during the hunt.

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Most of the pictures had a definite meaning. For example, iguanas tattoo was inflicted, basically, by soldiers. It meant strength, power, steadfastness and determination. The tattoos were exclusively a man’s privilege. Women were forbidden to do this, and the process was painful and prolonged. It was believed that the tattoo should be applied immediately. A break can lead to misfortunes and grief in the family.

Iguana tattoo was also known in other countries. It symbolized rhetoric and trade in Greece, thanks to dexterity, resourcefulness and cunning. Indians lizard meant fertility, Egyptians — wisdom and luck.

Africans revered them as an intermediary in resolving controversial issues, as a messenger of peace.

Slavs gave them the opportunity to warn the protagonist of the legends about the danger. But the Romans have the iguana as a symbol of death and resurrection. It leads to adultery and unhappiness in the family in Australians. The main thing is to choose the decoding that impresses you the most.

This lizard is considered smart and resourceful now. It will help to find a way out of any situation. You can hope for its patronage in choosing the most beneficial solution to problems applying an iguana tattoo to your body.

The image is applie

  • back;
  • shoulders;
  • feet;
  • neck;
  • wrist.

It is very popular among the young people.

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