30 Iguana Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Iguana tattoo meanings

Did you know that the word «tattoo» is of Polynesian roots? It comes from the Tahitian dialect, where there is the term «Tata» — picture. Typically, images meant Polynesians on the body, where they were considered sacred. The right to apply to the skin image had only the priests — the most revered men of the tribe. And for some drawings had to be earned, for example, a particular strength and agility during the hunt.

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Most of the drawings had a certain value. For example, an iguana tattoo was applied, mainly soldiers. After all, it meant power, power, stamina and determination. Tattoos were exclusively male privilege. Women were forbidden to do so, but the process was long and painful. It was believed that the tattoo must be applied immediately. Suspension could lead to misery and grief in the family.

iguana tattoo was known in other countries. In Greece, it is symbolized rhetoric and trade , thanks to the skill, resourcefulness and cunning. We Indians lizard mean fertility, the Egyptians — the wisdom and good fortune


The Africans revered her as a mediator in the settlement of disputes, as a messenger of peace.

The Slavs gives it the opportunity to warn about the danger of the hero stories. But the Romans iguana — a symbol of death and resurrection. Australians it leads to adultery and unhappiness in the family. The main thing is to choose a transcript that is most impressed with you.

Now this lizard is considered a smart and quirky. It will help to find a way out of any situation. Having put on his body tattoo iguana, we can hope for his patronage in choosing the most beneficial solutions to problems.

The most common image is applied to exposed areas of the body. Places that are often stuffed like an image:

  • back;
  • shoulders;
  • feet;
  • neck;
  • wrist.

The big popularity it enjoys among young people.

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Фото тату крокодил на плече

Vigilance, strength, irrepressible

тату крыса 1

The ability to adapt, cunning

Photos and designs

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