30 Indian Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Indian tattoos attract with their mystery and enigma. Each picture has a deep meaning, a national flavor and a tribute to the traditions of North American culture. In this article, we will try to bring up meaning of tattoos of Indian girl and chiefs, and in the end we will show the photos on this topic that we collected.

Undoubtedly, such tattoos have been most widely spread in the USA, where modern people show respect to their ancestors and demonstrate their attitude to the ancient traditions in such a way. At the same time, a well-made portrait tattoo is an amazing work of art, which in this case is also endowed with cultural meaning.

Meanings of Indian tattoos have never been a secret to humanity. Nowadays we have almost precise information about the motivation of people, when they decided to ink tattoos on Indian themes.

History says that originally tattoos of the Indians of North America were inked on body aiming at psychological pressure on the enemies. For example, the image of a wolf symbolized that the owner of a tattoo is fierce and cruel in a straight fight.

Grizzly bear had special respect of people. Not everyone who wanted to do that could afford to ink an image of this animal on his/her body. This was allowed only to those who could defeat this animal in a fight. Winning in such an unequal battle wasn’t easy at all, most people ended up dead in such fights.

Татуировка-индейца-на-руке Татуировка-индеец-на-руке Татуировка-индеец-на-груди Татуировка-вождь-индейцев Татуировка-вождь

Nowadays, tattoos of the Maya are very much in demand. In the Mayan tribes, special attention was paid to the sun and everything connected with it. A cult dedicated to the sun god was worshipped. It was considered the most severe and powerful of all the deities.

The Maya could ink images of everything that was moving and that was not moving. These could be gods, things that symbolized the gods, various birds, animals and fish. It was believed that this has a positive effect on the life and prosperity of the tribe.

In Russia, tattoos of the Indians are still more associated with portraiture. The most popular plots are the image of the head of the Indian in a national suit, and a tattoo of the Indian girl. However, look at our collection of sketches and photos to make sure!

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