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Infinity tattoos

On the streets of any city you can meet people periodically with the sign of infinity on the wrist, or other body parts. At the same time, it can be noticed how the guys and girls. This symbol looks like a rotated figure 8. It would seem, why depict mathematical sign on the body? In fact infinity tattoo carries a hidden philosophical meaning, which we will discuss in this article.

There is an ancient legend of the snake , which is biting its own tail. Eating a piece of his body, she immediately grow again, making the process is endless. snake image in the form of eight can be found in ancient cave paintings, which age thousands of years.


The value of infinity tattoo — Association start and end , the absence of borders and calculation measures. Such a picture can mean the desire for constant movement, growth, limitless self.


If you look at it from a religious party, a sign of infinity — the eternal desire to comprehend God, that from the point of view of classical religion is impossible, and therefore, the process is extended in time forever


infinity tattoo on their wrists can often be found at the lovers. Such paired tattoo on the one hand are somewhat similar to wedding rings, on the other hand — symbolizing fidelity in love with each other. As with any tattoo for a couple, Infinity — a great way to express our feelings for each other and capture love a mark on the body.

It should be noted that from an artistic point of view infinity — Universal Tattoo . It is suitable for both man and woman, both young and mature. It can be applied to any part of the body, and almost everywhere infinity sign will look appropriate. Most often, this tattoo can be seen on the wrist, finger, behind the ear, on the lip. Typically, a compact image that makes a small area of the body.

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