32 Jellyfish Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Jellyfish tattoo meanings

Fragile and mobile, poisonous and stinging, simple and painfully difficult. All these adjectives are appropriate for such an original and eye-catching residents of the sea depths like a jellyfish. This creature can appear before us in a completely different guises and successfully combines the controversial and entertaining quality.

And that means only one thing: the owner of the tattoo jellyfish — a very difficult man. He is trying to rein in his temper, so fragile tentacles wrapped around the crook of his arm or knee, trying to hide his true feelings and protect its owner from the impact of the outside world.

Sea jellyfish on the hand

Even if you take into account all of its images, shapes and varieties, sea jellyfish is not so long ago and not quite firmly entrenched in the hit parade of favorite and popular subjects on the marine theme. Although the specifics of such an image on the skin, a tattoo of a jellyfish more easily used by masters in tattoo parlors.

Winner of this tattoo can not be accused of lack of imagination, but on the other hand, graceful and somewhat amorphous body jellyfish on human skin may indicate desire for tranquility and peace of the world . Please note that the jellyfish can swim very well, but it feels great, and among their brothers and sisters, so the one who fills a similar tattoo — quite antisocial personality


Note that the value of jellyfish tattoo can be interpreted in two ways. On the one hand: this tattoo speaks of tranquility, and with another — such an image carries the risk of plaque and even death.

Very interesting choice in favor of a beautiful, but not without flaws jellyfish, which is one of the iconic figures, familiar as a young and very experienced lovers of high-quality tattoos. Not a single image from mythology so actively exploited as charming and dangerous Medusa. It has long been adopted by tattoo artist, so the tattoo Medusa can be seen quite often. Moreover, this tattoo does not have strict guidelines and gender is used as a boy and girls.

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Photos and designs

Тату-медуза-на-руке Тату-медуза-на-предплечье Тату-медуза-на-плече Тату-медуза-на-боку Тату-медуза-во-всю-руку Тату-медуза Татуировка-с-медузой-на-плече Татуировка-с-медузой Татуировка-меуза-на-руке Татуировка-медуза-на-спине-девушки Татуировка-медуза-на-голени Татуирофвка-в-виде-медузы Татуирвока-медуза Рукав-в-виде-медузы Рисунок-тату-медузы Рисунок-медузы Наколка-медуза медуза-тату Медуза Красивая-тату-медузы Красивая-медуза Карандашный-набросок-медузы Интересная-тату-медуза Интересная-татуировка-медуза Значение-тату-медуза Значение-татуировки-медуза-на-боку Эскиз-тату-медуза Эскиз-татуировки-в-виде-медузы Эскиз-наколки-с-медузой Эскиз-медузы Эскиз-медуза эскиз-для-тату-медуща Фото-тату-медуза-на-предплечье Фото-тату-медуза Фото-татуировок-с-медузой Фото-татуировки-медуза-на-предплечье Фото-тату-в-виде-медузы Ультрафиолетовое-тату-медуза Тату-медуза-на-стопе Тату-медуза-на-спине-девушки

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