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Jester tattoo meaning

The main purpose of the jester — to make sure that the owner was fun. Jester — this is the clown, whose history goes deep into the Middle Ages. More often than not portrayed in a strange jester cap. Three long tail cap — a donkey’s tail and ears. By clowns all we treated leniently and allowed them that it was impossible to do other subjects. Comedian became underdeveloped children, people with mental disabilities, gifted actors.

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Clowns used to criticize the king and the power that was illegal. Thus, through the antics of the comedian to the king and the nobles of the court heard the complaints, their disagreement with the policy claim. Since jesters moved from one court to the other, they were a kind of intermediary between the princes.

The image funny man is very popular in the art of tattoo. According to art lovers underwear painting clown tattoo value is as follows. A man with a tattoo a lot smarter and more cunning , than it seems at first glance. His intelligence and ability to logically reflect envied by many.

Passion cards indicates excitement, the propensity to fraud, the desire to unnecessary risk. Comedian can be funny and sad. Sad tattoo indicates the person you wish to cease to pretend. This image symbolizes the sophisticated internal contradictions .

Tattoo jester often applied to the back, chest, shoulder. Mostly clown portrayed colored inks, it is much less black and white. Tattoo King and the Fool is very popular among the fans of a certain group. Images can be very different. It is applied as a portrait of singer group, and symbolic figures, which are associated with the group.

Красивая татуировка Арлекин

Sad clown


It can be good and evil

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