52 Jesus Christ Tattoos - Meanings, Photos and Designs

Jesus Christ tattoo meanings

The tradition of decorating their bodies with drawings appeared due to travel to the shores of James Cook Polynesia. Members of his team are interested in unusual tradition of the local Aboriginal people to put images on the body. Many of these samples the first tattoo was brought to Europe. That explorers were among the first fans of tattoo art. Often it was possible to meet the religious images on their body. For example, a tattoo of Jesus Christ was to make it easier for the wearer corporal punishment. Since the eighteenth century, it was so in demand that in some countries it is banned.

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The current value of the tattoo of Jesus Christ stands quite simple:

  • In the first place, its owner — a Christian or a believer
  • .

  • Second, he has a desire to help one’s neighbor.

  • The third shows an awareness of the past life of sin.

Criminal meaning

Tattoo Jesus Christ is often applied to the body of criminals. For them, this image served as a talisman. The head of Jesus Christ, placed on the chest or shoulders meant disobedience authorities, in particular, Soviet.

crucifix symbolized the inability to deliver and pure thoughts . He did, mainly on the chest.

The value of a tattoo of Jesus Christ, located on the back of repentance to their families, as well as Faith, Hope and Love. Image of the Son of God might indicate the cause of the conclusion. For example, in the head crown of thorns — obtaining convictions for hooliganism


The modern criminal world has lost the craving for tattoos with deep meanings and they are applied in view of the appeal.


Liberty hill, the purity of the soul

Тату с руками молящегося
Praying hands

Faith, prayer

Photos and designs

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