37 Jewish Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Tattoos aren’t inked only for beauty. Often they have a profound meaning. It can be a picture or a sign that is supposed to reflect a person’s nature, to bring changes to his/her life or an inscription describing an important event and serving as a life motto. Most often inscriptions are inked in Latin or Hebrew.

Choosing Hebrew, you should pay attention to the correctness of writing. Before inking a tattoo, it’s better to consult with a specialist who knows this language and write a phrase from right to left. Otherwise, you can get a completely different meaning or just a meaningless set of symbols.

If you decide to make Jewish tattoos to a person belonging to this nationality, consider that in Judaism inking anything on body is a sin.

In addition to language, such symbols as Jewish Star of David or hand of Fatima are used for tattooing.


The Jewish star is especially popular among the male part of the population.

  • This religious symbol refers to Judaism and symbolizes the perfection of God. Two triangles superimposed on each other with vertices directed in opposite directions form six corners. Angles symbolize four corners of the world, heaven and earth.
  • Triangles symbolize the masculine principle — mobility, fire, earth. And the female principle is water, fluidity, smoothness, air.
  • Protective symbolism is attributed to Star of David as well. It is believed that a person having inked it on body is under the protection of the Lord.
  • This sign was found not only in Judaism, the hexagram had been used in India, Britain, Mesopotamia and many other nations long before.

When choosing such a tattoo, it’s better to use such parts of the body as the back or hands. The symbol has always been used for religious purposes, it’s depicted on the flag of the State of Israel and no one should treat it disrespectfully.



“Hamsa” tattoo is more common among representatives of the female half of the population. It is usually depicted symmetrically, which distinguishes it from the true image of the palm.

  • Jews and Arabs use this sign as an amulet. It is believed that it has a protective function.
  • This symbol also has a sacred meaning. Its other name is the hand of God. This symbol dates back to ancient times. It occurred in the form of the hand of Ishtar, Mary, Venus and so on.
  • It was mainly used to protect women, increase lactation, strengthen immunity, ensure an easy and healthy pregnancy.

Hamsa means “five”. In Judaism the sign is called “The Hand of Mirjam”. It is associated with five books of Torah.

Besides, the names of Yahweh and God, menorah and enneagram (nine lines that determine the type of person) are considered to be Jewish tattoos.

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