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Joker tattoo meanings

Joker — one of the most controversial and ambiguous characters, the image is very difficult to interpret. At first glance, this hero of only two sides: funny and sad, positive and negative, but this way is much deeper and more complex. However, the Joker has long been a favorite among fans of the original tattoos.

Its brilliant from the madness, adrenaline and excitement opinion can be found on a card table on the big screen or in the crook of the elbow passerby. It may seem that the joker is happy and cheerful, but in another moment it seems that the slot, he smiles, actually bent a bitter smile. This means that the tattoo Joker — very controversial, but no less attractive picture.

Фото-татуировки-Джокер-на-руке Фото-тату-Джокер-на-щиколотке Фото-тату-Джокер-на-ноге Фото-тату-джокер Фото-наколки-Джокера

Joker card

This type of tattoo has several meanings. The most common is the voluntary declaration of love for gambling. Often, the tattoo card Joker shows passion for risk and dangerous games .

The Joker, winking at you with a map, found its reflection in the criminal category. This image was taken in the arms maker in prison and is often used to denote not the most simple fate of its owner. Inconsistency, lack of confidence in the future and frustration — precisely on these three pillars is the life of the owner of the tattoo Joker.

Joker vs. Batman

Particularly popular tattoo Joker gained after the screens out the cult film Batman. On the unfolding tough confrontation between good and evil: Batman and the Joker. Ingenuity villain with my drawing and disfigured face completely repulsed viewers. Joker in this film plays the role of the second plan, but very much stands out, and is considered to be a very attractive figure.

It is not surprising that a new wave of tattoos with a renewed and modern so the Joker with scars around his mouth, covered all lovers of high-quality and original ideas. Often, the Joker appears on the shoulders and back of the original daredevils who prefer to walk on the edge of life and always play for broke.

Joker’s Girl — Harley (Harlequin)

Curved in a seductive pose girl has a certain value or less veiled. Tattoo girl harlequin usually choose those who are over their shoulders bitter experience (usually for those who have had an unhappy love or heart drama).

In spite of all the trials that have fallen to the share of the person who wanted to get the original Joker and changeable, we can say with certainty that he did not give up. Just this tells smiling tricky corner curved lips of his character. Moreover, decided to fill his Joker, certainly he knows what the risks and know how to use it for their own purposes.

Эскиз татуировки череп в цвете

Intimidation, death, chaos

Значение тату зомби

Photos and designs

Тату-улыбающийся-Джокер Тату-с-лицом-Джокера-на-бедре тату-с-лицом-джокера Тату-с-картами Тату-маска-Джокера-на-картах Тату-карта-джокер Татуировка-с-Джокером Татуировка-карты-Джокера татуировка-карта-джокер Татуировка-Джокер-на-спине Татуировка-Джокер-на-ноге Татуировка-Джокер-на-бицепсе Татуировка-Джокер-из-Бэтмена Татуировка-Джокер-во-всю-спину Татуировка-Джокера-на-руке Татуировка-Джокера-из-фильма Татуировка-Джокер Татуирвока-в-виде-Джокера Тату-Джокер-с-картами Тату-джокер-из-фильма Тату-Джокера-с-надписью Тату-Джокера-во-всю-спину Рукав-с-Джокером Наколка-с-картой-Джокер-на-руке Наколка-с-картой-Джокера-на-лопатке Наколка-с-головой-Джокера наколка-джокер-на-руке Наколка-Джокер-на-плече Наколка-Джокер-на-ноге наколка-Джокер Наколка-голова-Джокера Наколка-в-виде-Джокера-на-лопатке Наколка-в-виде-Джокера накокла-джокер-на-предплечье Красивая-тату-Джокер Карта-с-Джокером Карта-Джокер Значение-татуировки-Джокер Значение-тату-Джокер Злой-Джокер-на-голени варианты-тату-джокер Эскиз-тату-скелет-джокер эскиз-тату-с-Джокером эскиз-тату-лицо-джокера Эскиз-тату-клоун-джокер эскиз-татуирвоки-голова-джокера Эскиз-тату-Джокер-из-мультика Эскиз-тату-Джокер-в-короне Эскиз-Джокера Фото-татуировки-с-изображением-Джокера Фото-татуировки-доспехи

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