23 Jupiter Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Jupiter tattoo meaning

It is believed that the deposition at the body of characters and images can radically change the destiny of man, have an impact on events in his life. Deciding on a tattoo, you need to carefully approach the selection of a character. If you do not put anything in it or make meaningless abstract pattern, it will mean nothing. Strong value bears a tattoo of Jupiter.

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Jupiter came to us from ancient times. In Roman mythology, the supreme God with this name symbolized the power and authority. Like Zeus, he thundered and lightning metal, showing their dissatisfaction. It included opportunities to reward or punish people rainfall drought.

In honor of the Roman deity has been named the biggest planet in the solar system. Jupiter is composed of hydrogen and helium. He observed long vortices. It is airy, unstable.

Each planet is closely linked to horoscopes. This does not become a popular topic for the art of tattooing. Photos tattoo Jupiter show that each artist brings their nuances and creating individual masterpieces that combine planet and zodiac sign. Jupiter protects musketeers.

Since ancient times, Jupiter was designated by the letter Z. It symbolizes zinc, Thursday, perennial. Tattoo Jupiter bring good luck and wealth.

Suitable for

Tattoo Jupiter suitable for people with the following traits:

  • windy;
  • authoritativeness, inner strength;
  • temper;
  • Sagittarius;
  • passion, love to change.

Tattoo Jupiter is suitable for men and women. She looks great in a colorful and bright embodiment. The image is made in different styles, displaying traits media.

Photos and designs

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