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Justitia tattoo meaning

Goddess Themis came to us from ancient Greek mythology. She was the second wife of Zeus, daughter of Uranus and Gaia, Titanides. It was she who administer justice over the people. In Roman mythology, the goddess found similar — Justice.



Themis was depicted blindfolded and weights in his hands. This way of talking about making informed and fair decisions. In her other hand she holds a sword or a cornucopia, symbolize the fulfillment of the sentence. Currently, you can often find the phrase «the servants of Themis» for judges. The figure of the goddess used as landmarks.

The tattoo with the goddess of justice done by people who know how to make impartial decisions, knowing the price of justice. Most tattoo Themis used by men. The sketches for tattoo themes hit its diversity. The goddess is depicted in simple Greek version, or a bright girl with flying hair. Used not only the black ink but also the color.

Tattoo Themis has unpleasant meaning. It is often portray people from prison freedom. Their version depicts the goddess, which on the scales outweighs the human vices (used the gold image, money).

An illustration of the goddess can be positioned on the shoulder, back, chest. It is better to choose the area of ​​the body where more space. The photo tattoo Themis shows that the image has a lot of fine details and nuances that in a small area just merge.

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