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We suggest understanding the meaning of kitsune tattoo. This creature is endowed with wisdom, magical abilities in the Japanese Art. Residents of the country of the Rising Sun are sure that they live long and can even reincarnate as a person. It is generally accepted that a fox can learn to transform at a certain age. According to some legends, he can become a man after reaching fifty years. Others are sure that the creature is able to reincarnate not earlier than a century old.

The kitsune often turns into charming girls. Although sometimes these creatures supposedly can become representatives of the stronger sex.

They often enter the bodies of people, appear in people dreams, and can inflate the flames of fire. They are also able to create illusions that are difficult to distinguish from reality. According to some legends, kitsune can change the space, and even the time and at the same time make people insane or take unusual forms. So these creatures can reincarnate into a tree of unknowable height or become the second moon. And sometimes they are even compared to vampires, because they are able to raven on the strength of all those people with whom they communicate. And sometimes kitsune is described as a creature that protects a round object. And if someone is lucky enough to master it, then this creature will help in everything.


Kitsune is associated with Buddhism. In folk art this creature is a kind of demon. Sometimes tattoo with kitsune is chosen by representatives of both sexes.


Sometimes tattoo in the form of kitsune is chosen by men and women of different ages. Most often, representatives of both sexes make spectacular old-school tattoos and watercolors. The images with kitsune in graphic styles and tribal look very impressive.

Such body picture means wisdom, agility, resourcefulness. Often such tattoos are symbolized the intelligence, the ability to find an outlet from each, even the most difficult situation.

Some people think that such a picture can inspire people and even fill them with love. This is what kitsune does in fairy tales.

Sometimes this creature is depicted as a demon. But this does not mean that the owner of such a picture is aggressive and has a bad character.

Most likely, such a tattoo will testify to religious beliefs, and also mean a request to protect from ills and enemies.


The tattoo with the image of kitsune is chosen by the fair sex more often. Women more like the images in the watercolor and old school styles. Colorful tattoos for girls mean:

  • cunning
  • wisdom
  • Agility
  • ability to find an exit from different situations

Tattoo in the form of kitsune will tell about the wisdom and resourcefulness of its owner. Such a woman can find a way out even from the most difficult life situations.
Not always women choose this tattoo because of the special significance. Often, women prefer such tattoos because of the effectiveness and originality of the image.


The tattoos in the form of kitsune are chosen by men quite often. Representatives of the stronger sex prefer the picture in the style of tribal and graphics most often.

For men, such a tattoo will mean:

  • wisdom
  • ability to find an exit from any situation
  • interest in Japanese culture
  • resourcefulness

Tattoo in the form of kitsune will tell about the ingenuity and wisdom of its owner.
A representative of the stronger sex with such a tattoo can always find a way out from a difficult situation. In addition, such tattoos sometimes indicate that the owner is interested in Japanese culture.



Both men and women often choose images in the old school style.

Such body pictures are characterized by the colorfulness and visual convexity of the image.
Performed in the technique of watercolor tattoos resemble pictures with watercolor paints.
Such images effectively look both on the male and on the female body. The body images in the style of realism look very beautiful also. You can make a beautiful tattoo with kitsune on any part of the body.

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