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Surely you must have seen the image of a funny little man with strange shoots on his head, who plays the flute. In fact, this is the image of an ancient god, whom Indians considered to be the patron of newlyweds, as well as a symbol of a rich harvest and abundance, the god of sexual energy and emergence of a new life.

They prayed to this god not only to ask for fertility or birth of a child. Secret dreams and hopes were entrusted to him without fear. According to Indian legends, Kokopelli often came to people, while taking a human face. It wasn’t difficult to learn about his arrival: he brought a change in the weather, changed winter for spring, and summer – for autumn. The God has never parted with his flute – that’s why, he is also considered to be the patron of fun, which gives joy and positive.

Kokopelli tattoo will bring fun and mischief to its owner. This tattoo is perfect for a person who knows what creativity is: it is believed that he is very fond of artists and musicians, dancers, poets, writers and just people who are fond of fiction. The meaning of the tattoo with the image of Kokopelli is extremely positive.

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Today you can see different versions of the image of this god, but his flute and hair sticking out in different directions remain unchanged. The following patterns are usually portrayed next to him:

  • notes;
  • flowers;
  • solar signs.

This perpetual traveler makes you smile even with his appearance. A good mischief, desire to violate various laws and regulations imposed by society, while not harming anyone at all, are attributed to him.

If you feel that sometimes you don’t have enough thirst for life and optimism, the tattoo with the image of this cheerful god is right what you need. He is also loved by those who can’t imagine a settled life and are constantly searching for new cities and countries, discovering the world for themselves.


In fact, Kokopelli, is, perhaps, one of those few images that look great on any part of the body. You should only decide on the size of the future tattoo. A large picture is better to be inked on back or biceps: this option is likely to be preferred by men. Women can settle a small Kokopelli on shoulder blade, wrist or ankle.

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