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Kolovrat tattoo meanings

We managed to talk a bit about the meaning of a tattoo Kolovrat as detailed coverage of the topic of Slavic symbols and charms. I must say, Slavic subjects gaining from year to year. Modern people have the interest and thirst for cultural origins . We want to know more about how our ancestors lived, what they believed, what was really important to them.

The first association that arises in the form of Kolovrat — the sun. Indeed, this is one of the main objects of worship of not only Slavs, but also in almost all ancient cultures. Solar energy, the power of fire, this is the progenitor of all living things, and deadly threat. The significance of tattoos Kolovrat important are curved beams. They symbolize the constant movement, life cycle changes. It is interesting that the symbol can be displayed in multiple interpretations.

Image Options Kolovrat

  • Kolovrat moves clockwise — the female ward. This picture symbolizes harmony and creativity.

  • Kolovrat moves counterclockwise — a male guardian — means cleansing, renewal
  • .

  • The symbol, drawn inside a circle is considered a sign of the universe.

Thus, in spite of the prevailing opinion that the mark is more suitable for men’s tattoos, with a certain image, he is fine girl.

The number of rays

In the photo and sketches tattoo Kolovrat You will see a different number of beams. Oddly enough, this factor also affects the overall value of tattoos.

  1. 4 beams — heavenly fire
  2. 6 rays — a sign of Perun
  3. 8 rays — the power of the sun, reviving Slavic faith
  4. .

eight-Kolovrat often can be found on various coats of arms, flags and banners, including modern admirers and vozrazhdateley ancient culture.

Where stuff?


The most common places for tattoo Kolowrat can be considered:

  1. Shoulder (outer part)
  2. Chest
  3. The back (the area between the shoulder blades)
  4. Forearm

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