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Labyrinth tattoo meanings

Labyrinth — is a long and convoluted path with a lot of obstacles. Tattoos maze has several meanings. On the one hand, it is an ancient sacred symbol, which implies a certain doom. On the other hand, the symbolism lies in the constant search of himself, an illusion of the lower world.

It may be argued that a person with such tattoos — a fatalist, who had decided for himself that out of this situation there is no escape. This tattoo pilgrims, mystics, for whom the main thing is not the material world and the spiritual.

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Features the symbol

  • The labyrinth is the center, which is securely protected. It is to this center and directed human movement.

  • It is also a symbol of development, the desire to know yourself and the world, as well as to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

  • The main element — a spiral, which symbolizes infinity, as well as the vitality, development, improvement
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  • symbol is often large enough and applied to the upper arm, thigh, back.

There are variants of the pattern, when portrayed in a maze point or some other symbol. Thus, the owner of the tattoo shows or important events in his life, or his place in the long and winding path to enlightenment. Meaning tattoo maze can be detected in the Celtic symbols and displays the difficult path full of obstacles. According to Greek mythology difficult path may take only a strong personality, a brave hero who will stand in front of any problem.

A tattoo can be considered as a kind of metaphor for the way. The center is always empty and represents the top of the development, spiritual enlightenment, and the movement to the center is always difficult, tortuous and full of obstacles. Figure shows that only one path is true, and, after finding it, the person will get peace of mind.

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Photos and designs

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