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Ladybird tattoo meaning

Interesting fact: in the English language to describe ladybug use the name «Lady Beetle», «Ladybird», «Ladybug». Word Lady in all these names is a reference to the Virgin Mary — one of the most revered Christian saints, the Virgin Mary. Tattoo ladybug today is very popular, not only because of the religious significance.

Ladybug is known primarily as an excellent fighter against aphids — pests of cultivated plants. Just one of the ladybug life could destroy thousands of insects that destroy crops. That is why in the Middle Ages, a small bug in red was a real savior for farmers. Hence the first value tattoos ladybug — Messenger of God


The most popular value tattoos ladybug and clover — a symbol of good luck. That tattoo with this attribute selects the vast majority who want to constantly contemplate this insect on their skin. Ladybird is a harbinger of the warm weather, fertile harvest. For many, this bug symbol of love, kindness, faith in the best. For someone ladybug on the body — it is also a sacred talisman.


On the sketches and photos of tattoo ladybug detected characteristic: the presence of the points on the wings. It is no secret that with age, the points disappear, merging with the main color of the insect. Thus, the image points can mean a desire to capture a certain age, and also serves as a symbol of eternal youth. It is believed that the number of points on the back of the insect is of some importance, but such reasoning is quite subjective. In general, the image of a ladybug describes the man as kind, harmonious, positive and motivated .

Any picture can paint a thousand ways, and this is certainly not an exception. Ladybird can draw flying or crawling, with or without points, top, side, and so on. Unchanged, perhaps, it is the only back color — deep red. This pattern will look stylish in any regardless of gender, age and religion.

And by tradition, some sketches and photos with ladybug tattoo. Which option you choose? Write in the comments!

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Rebirth, transformation, change for the better


Courage, pride, inner strength

Photos and designs

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