32 Lamp Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Lamp tattoo meaning

Uninitiated person can not immediately understand why the lights have such a high popularity among fans wearable designs. The reason for this is the meaning which bears this image.

The value of the lamp tattoos can be seen as:

  • The joy of life;
  • the beginning of good times;
  • end to the suffering and difficulties.
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Lantern in different images can have different meanings. For example, the product in the form of pumpkin will be the talisman and embody the protection of dependency and evil forces. lantern on a pole image will symbolize purity of thought and resistance . This tattoo will attract good thoughts and bright ideas. This interpretation is directly connected with the first lights that have been installed in Paris. The era in which they appeared, called «brilliant».

Tattoo manual type lamp means that the owner is a strong personality and is ready to manage their own lives, personally taking difficult decisions. Such people always believe in themselves and rarely gives in to despair. For the owner of the image it is also important that it be unique. Therefore, the master must provide his idea, not to fill a tattoo with the finished sketch.

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Photos and designs

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