40 Laurel Wreath Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Laurel wreath

Figure wreath of laurel has a deep meaning and several opposing values. In ancient Greece wreaths awarded the winners of the Olympic Games, famous philosophers, doctors, scientists. Hence the association with the victory. It was the highest level of recognition in front of the human society in all spheres.

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  • laurel wreath tattoo becomes a symbol for those who are used to winning. It is also a distinguishing mark of talented people. The victory may be different — of the circumstances in solving any problems, and, most importantly, on the other, their negative traits
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  • As the laurel — is an evergreen tree, it is symbolizes eternity and constancy . This loyalty to personal values ​​and ideas. Laurel wreath also symbolizes renewal and hope for immortality.

  • People who applied the tattoo tend to constant digging into his soul in order to identify those aspects which determine their life and push to conquer new heights. The desire to win is distinguished owners of tattoos from other people.

The tattoo can be applied to any part of the body. The most profitable wreath looks on the back, not the neck, on the chest, on the inside surface of the hands.

Tattoo laurel wreath has another meaning. In ancient Rome, laurel symbolized martyrdom . It was applied to people who were persecuted unjustly. This value and turned into a prison tattoos. It makes those who are wrongly convicted, who went to prison is not their fault. The value of prison tattoos one with laurel wreath — sitting unjustly suffered for the truth


The choice that will symbolize the tattoo depends on each person on the features of his character. If you do not take into account the prison tattoo, wreath, along with additional elements to be a symbol of the will to win, the desire to get better and better every day.

Фото тату стрел

Openness, commitment

Фото татуировки цепь на руке

The unity, wholeness, infinity

Photos and designs

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