Zodiac Leo Tattoos - Meanings, Photos and Designs


Fans and connoisseurs of tattoo art believe that each tattoo has a certain energy that affects the owner somehow, and if the right place is chosen for the picture, if the image has its own meaning that you sincerely believe in, the tattoo can become a real, and most importantly, an efficient mascot, a reliable companion on a thorny life path. Ancient people thought the same. Decorating themselves with intricate patterns, symbols of animals, plants and elements, they protected themselves from evil spirits, diseases and adversities, demonstrated their outstanding skills, human qualities and privileges. Modern people keep on following this tradition, inking a wide variety of tattoos and sometimes even real masterpieces of fine art on their bodies. But the belief in miraculous magic symbols hasn’t vanished. The popularity of zodiac symbols in tattoo culture proves this fact. In this article, we’ll talk about the meaning of tattoos with Leo zodiac sign, about interesting facts related to the constellation.


There is a reason why “the heart of Lion”, the brightest star in this constellation, has the name of Regulus, which means “king” in Latin, because Lion is called “the king of beasts”. People born under this zodiac sign are incredibly ambitious, spend a lot of energy to maintain their leadership status, and are always eager for being in the spotlight. Since Leos are also patronized by the Sun, they are often very passionate, emotional, charismatic, energetic and a little vain.

The ancient Sumerians believed that the greatest kings on the Earth were born on the days, when the constellation was shining most brightly in the sky.

The world religions didn’t ignore Leo as well. For example, in Hinduism, it manifested itself in the fourth incarnation of the supreme god Vishnu, preaching the awakening and ascension of human consciousness. Vishnu avatar, the human-lion Narasimha, is the personification of divine wrath, the fearless, fierce defender of the universe and all living beings. He is always ready to help the suffering ones, to console and relieve from bad thoughts.


Moreover, in Hindu mythology, there is a legend about how Vairochana learned the deep meaning of Dharma (a doctrine that is important to adhere to, in order to maintain space order and balance) and became one of five Buddhas of Wisdom, turning into a beautiful lion.

In Shinto Japan, Leo is a symbol of good, luck and prosperity. Every year, on January 1, the Japanese hold the so-called “lion’s dancing”, in the course of which people in bright holiday arrays form a living chain and walk through the streets of the city, carrying a huge mask with the image of a powerful animal ahead. It is believed that this rite expels evil, protects people, gives them strength and health for the coming year.

In the 7th century, at the dawn of Islam, the Shiites called their fourth caliph “the lion of Allah” because he was aware of secrets and gained knowledge that the prophet Muhammad himself possessed.
The ancient Egyptians entrusted “the king of beasts” with observing the course of the Sun and protecting it from the influence of evil forces. Two lions, sitting with their backs to each other, are the keepers of space, light and time. They watch the past and hide the horizon. The future depends on their will.

Beside fables, of course, there is a legend about how the constellation of a lion appeared in the firmament. We go back to ancient Greek mythology to learn the story of the first labor of Hercules.

As the first labor, Zeus ordered the king of Argolis, Eurystheus, to ask Hercules to kill Nemean lion. The son of the monstrous giant Typhon and the giant female snake Echidna was incredibly huge, with the skin harder than any metal. No weapon in the world could harm him, which enabled a huge lion to devastate and destroy the surroundings of Nemea with impunity.

Hercules set out in search of the lair of the monster and found it in the rocky mountains, in a dark and gloomy gorge, where a huge cave with two entrances vanished into thin air. Blocking up one of the entrances, the son of Zeus began to wait for the twilight to come and then his opponent was also supposed to appear. And then, at the sunset, Nemean lion appeared from his hideaway. His eyes were blazing with the deadly fire of fury and hatred, and his roar was shaking the mountain peaks for a long time, like a thunder blast.

Banking on his strength, Hercules shot the animal with two arrows, but they rebounded from his hard skin like small pieces, only making the beast angry. Then the hero decided to plunge the lion with a blow from a huge club, but it split into pieces and scattered in different directions, and the enraged monster rushed to the man with a vengeance at a single jump. The demigod, having managed to dodge a lethal jump, seized the lion by the throat with his powerful hands, gathered all his strength and strangled him.

Having removed a hard skin from the defeated animal, Hercules brought it to Eurystheus as the proof of the labor done, and Zeus honored this by placing the lion in the sky, making it a bright constellation.


As it has already been mentioned, Leo is patronized by the Sun. It is the animal embodiment of the element of Fire. That’s why, tattoos with this sign are often chosen by strong, independent, expressive people striving for recognition. By the way, the famous singer and actor Robbie Williams has a tattoo with a lion on his left shoulder. The British musician Rod Stewart, who is in the Top100 greatest singers, decorated his body with the image of this powerful animal as well. Christina Ricci can boast of a picture of the king of beasts on the shoulder blade.


Leo astrological symbol is still the most popular variant of tattoo with this zodiac sign. It is equally suitable for both men and women. It is usually inked in small size, as it is worn just as a mascot. More large-scale tattoos are inked in Polynesian or other ethnic styles, which also belong to the category of tattooed amulets.


The master’s qualification is always checked in realism, because this style assumes the most “live”, real and detailed images. A realistic lion will show the nature and character of its owner, demonstrating his/her strength, courage and the desire to win.

Watercolor tattoos with this animal will be very suitable for girls, first of all, because they emphasize the strong nature and at the same time highlight sensuality, charm, energy and inner undying passion.


Exceptional monochrome, clear rigid contours, verified geometry of tattoos – all these things are distinctive features of graphics. The lion that was inked in this style and supposedly descended from an ancient engraving, will become a reminder of wisdom, erudition and spiritual order of its owner.
Dotwork technology is based on dot technology of inking tattoos, therefore, such works almost always turn out to be incredibly detailed and large-scale. They are extremely rarely colored, the essence of such pictures is transmitted through shades and semitones, which are achieved by adjusting the density of dots. Such works are remarkable for this feature. Lion tattoos, created in dotwork style, will clearly make its owner stand out from the crowd, revealing a restrained, rational, but at the same time extremely ambitious, self-confident and successful person.


The symbol of zodiac Leo, as it is easy to guess from its history, is best combined with the images of the Sun and fire. For example, a lion with a fire mane or surrounded by flame, an animal observing the Sun or a zodiac sign enclosed in a solar disk — such compositions are considered by many people to exert and reinforce all the outstanding qualities of people born under this sign.

Possessive individuals can combine an image of the zodiac sign or animal with various attributes of power and superiority, including the throne, crown, scepter, heraldic and dynastic symbols.

A story, in which a lion or a lioness is surrounded by flowers, is perfect for girls. Flowers that emphasize Leo’s essence are peonies, chrysanthemums, sunflowers and gladioli. If the tattoo is supposed to be in watercolor style, it is important to choose the right color. Bright red, scarlet, purple, yellow and gold are perfect colors for this zodiac sign.

A combination of the familiar astrological sign with the image of the constellation itself in the night sky is an interesting idea as well. Such a picture will perhaps become a real helper for its owner, filling him/her with the space energy and strengthening the character traits, given by the zodiac sign.


With the development of technologies and progress, a great number of trends are brought to the tattoo culture. Nowadays, no one is surprised at a small astrological symbol on the neck or an ornamental lion on the shoulder. Yes, today, large-scale, bright, incredibly complex, detailed and realistic works are in trend. But this doesn’t mean that everyone is ready to put such a masterpiece on his/her body. You should feel the tattoo with your heart, love it, and want to live with it for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you liked the modest Leo zodiac symbol or you decided to decorate yourself with a huge landscape, where the king of beasts lies in the prairies, watching its pride. A powerful lion will bring good luck, strength and success only if the image suits its owner and the inner world. So when choosing a picture, it’s better not to rely on trends and fashion. Perhaps, it’s better to choose what is in your nature, choose what you want to look at every day, what you want to be proud of. Miracles happen only if you believe in them, but it’s easier to believe in what you love with all your heart.

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