56 Leopard Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Leopard tattoo meanings

ЛLeopard — beautiful and graceful animal. His noble and bold look, rapid powerful paws and an incredibly flexible body are fascinating. Spotted leopard skin for many years inspired designers all over the world with their designs — a kind of pristine-perfect design of nature. Even with the leopard tattoo photos, especially made in a realistic manner, excites the imagination.

Almost always with a leopard pattern symbolically corresponds to fearless, aggressive violence, militancy and ferocity . This is not surprising, because the leopard — one of the most rapid and agile predators that can hunt the animals several times larger than himself


In Christianity, the leopard was considered an accomplice of the devil. His image was interpreted as a symbol of sin. Because of this tattoo «Leopard» for a long time was not welcomed among the true believers. However, any tattoos in Christianity never really encouraged. The ancient Egyptians considered the leopard companion Asirisa in the realm of the dead. At the African peoples of the fierce predator he was worshiped as a living god.

Тату-пятна-леопарда-на-боку-девушки Тату-пятна-леопарда-за-ухом Тату-пятна-леопарда Тату-леопард-на-ступне Тату-леопард-на-спине-девушки Тату-леопард-на-спине Тату-леопард-на-лопатке-девушки Тату-леопард-на-лопатке Тату-леопард-над-поясницей Тату-леопард-во-всю-спину

The image of the animal itself or spots on the human body says that the owner of the tattoos — a brave and hardy people . It is likely male householder that everything in life is seeking himself, no one else hoping. Tattoo «Leopard» — is a sign of a real man, not inclined to compromise, not fearing neither God nor the devil, who knows how to stand up for themselves in any situation


In addition, the value of the leopard tattoo — a symbol of power over people, a sign of a born leader, ruler and Arbiter


To fit such a tattoo?

Tattooed with a leopard pattern smart suit and defiant people. They perfectly match the energy sector sorcerers, healers, musicians, hunters, sportsmen and adventurers. Leopard protects them in transit and dangerous affairs, helping to overcome all obstacles and barriers to happiness and harmony with each other and environmental life.

Although it is a purely male tattoo, she can decorate and the female body. The owner must be very brave and independent woman with a strong and bold character. It was then that the image of the beast spotted bring its owner good luck. Otherwise, it will not be anything meaningful, but still a beautiful picture.

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Strength, courage, leadership

тату гепард 1

Courage, speed

Тату-леопард Татуировка-с-пятнами-леопарда Татуировка-с-леопардом-на-животе татуировка-с-леопардом-на-боку Татуировка-с-головой-леопарда татуировкалеопард-на-шее татуировка-леопард-на-ноге татуировка леопард-на-лопатке Татуировка-леопард-на-груди Татуировка-леопард-во-всю-спину татуировка-леопард Татуировка-голова-леопарда-на-плече Татуировка-в-виде-леопарда Татуирвока-со-следами-от-когтей-леопарда Татуирвока-голова-леопарда Тату-детеныш-леопарда Тату-девушки-пятна-леопарда Тату-голова-леопарда-с-цветком Тату-голова-леопарда Свежая-тату-леопард-на-боку Реалистичные-пятна-леопарда Реалистичная-татуировка-леопард Наколка-с-леопардом Наколка-с-головой-леопарда Наколка-леопард-на-животе Наколка-леопард-на-груди Наколка-леопард Наколка-голова-леопарда леопард-в-цветах Красивая-татуировка-с-голвоой-леопарда Тату-пятна-леопарда-на-плече Красивая-татуировка-пятна-леопарда Красивая-тату-голова-леопарда Девушка-с-пятнами-леопарда-во-все-тело znachenie-tatu-leopard tatu-na-noge-s-leopardom tatu-leopard-na-lopatke tatu-leopard tatuirovka-leopard-na-jivote-devushki tatuirovka-leopard tatuaze-na-przedramieniu-25446_4 tattoo-leopard realistichnaya-tatuirovka-leopard eskiz-tatu-leopard eskiz-tatuirovki-s-leopardom Эскиз-таут-леопард Эскиз-тату-с-леопардом Эскиз-тату-с-лежащим-леопардом Эскиз-татуирвоки-с-леопардом Эскиз-наколки-леопард Эскиз-головы-леопарда ЧБ-татуирвока-леопард Тату-с-пятнами-леопарда-на-боку-девушки Тату-со-сладами-от-когтей Тату-с-мордой-леопарда Тату-с-молодым-леопардом Тату-сердце-с-пятнами-леопарда

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