42 Leprechaun Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Leprechaun tattoo meanings

Leprechauns — is celebrated in literature and film mythical creatures. The symbol refers to Irish mythology, inspired by Celtic culture. The uniqueness of these characters can be seen in each picture leprechaun tattoo. According to legend, leprechauns gold hidden at the foot of the rainbow. Occasionally someone might catch them. Find the elf was possible for the knocking hammer. We had her eyes on a mythical creature, as is often the elf disappeared. Only in this case leprechaun could show where the hidden treasures.

The elf had a chest, which pitted their wealth. With him he carried two coins. It was believed that one coin is able to show the way to the treasure, and the other disappeared along with the little man. Elves have always been associated with a craving for money, as well as secrecy and mystery.

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Meaning tattoo leprechaun is a wealth and good fortune in life.

The typical features of a mythical character:

  • A small stocky man.

  • Has a red beard. As is known, the color associated with gold and is able to bring good fortune and material prosperity.

  • dressed in a green jacket. Green is also able to attract good luck.

  • the Evil face.

The tattoo is not sex, but still it is applied to men more often than women. Leprechaun tattoo can be applied to any area of ​​the skin, even in the stomach, but since most people tend to gain and lose weight, tattoos on his stomach can very quickly lose their shape and appearance. The most popular places for tattooing — arms, legs, back


The man who made the tattoo leprechaun, gain financial success. He can be sure that his money back. The symbolism lies in the fact that obviously the owner of this figure is adjusted for good luck, and it is important in business. Advantages of the tattoo is that they allow you to accumulate a sufficient amount of money, as well as protect against theft.


Изящество, обаяние, хрупкость


It can be good and evil

Photos and designs

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