Zodiac Libra Tattoos - Meanings, Photos and Designs


Libra is one of the most obvious symbols of harmony, justice and accuracy. No wonder that astrologers attribute a constant striving for balance and truth to people who were born under the sign of Libra. Today, we’ll figure out the meaning of tattoos with Libra zodiac sign and the way this idea can be implemented in an extraordinary way.


Libra is associated with Greek mythology like most constellations.

Zeus, who holds the fate of people and gods in his hands, established his laws for mortals and immortals and ordered to follow them rigorously. But Thunderer always had a lot to do, he couldn’t keep up with everything that was happening in the world, so there was always the just goddess Themis. Themis was traditionally depicted with eyes hidden under a bandage, which symbolized impartiality, scales that was a symbol of accuracy and truthfulness, and a sword reminiscent of the punishment for atrocities.

Zeus and Themis had several daughters, who were called Horaes. They were responsible for a very important thing, that is, keeping order in nature. One of Horaes, Dike, became the goddess of truth. Every day she was wandering around the world with her scales and watched to ensure that harmony didn’t become chaos, and the law was always observed. Then Dike reported everything she saw to her father. She told about all the crimes and injustices, deeds committed out of hatred or self-interest, and the Thunderer severely punished everyone who dared to offend against his law.


Dike is the embodiment of truth, fair trial. Using her scales, she accurately measured good and evil deeds of people to make the right decision. Zeus placed his daughter’s scales in heaven, so that they reminded people that dishonorable acts are punishable, and one must live according to conscience.

Measuring human vices and virtues with the help of scales is a fairly common mythological plot. For example, scales are an indispensable attribute of Osiris’s trial of the dead. In the famous Book of the Dead, a whole chapter is dedicated to it. It describes how Thoth and Anubis put a heart of a dead person in one scale pan, which symbolizes his soul and everything s/he has done in life, and they put the feather of the goddess of justice Maat or the figure with her image in the other one. If a person walked with gods, didn’t break the law of gods, then the scales were balanced, and s/he went to heaven. The sinner, whose heart outweighed, was about to face a terrible doom: he was immediately devoured by the monster Amat, that is, a lion with a crocodile head.

Images of similar scenes are found in Tibet, but there are black and white stones on the scales, symbolizing good and bad deeds of a person. In some ancient Iranian sources, dating back to the pre-zoroastrian period, there are references to such gods as: Rashnu (justice), Mithra (truth, sunlight) and Sraosha (faith, obedience), who weighed human vices and sins on golden scales.

A similar plot exists in Indian mythology: in order to make a just decision, a person was placed in one scale pan, and a handful of earth was put in the other. In addition, the scales symbolized power and order and were considered to be an attribute of the kshatriya caste.

However, in ancient Judaea, in addition to referring to the scales as to a symbol of a fair trial, they also symbolized hunger and deprivation, times, when it was necessary to carefully weigh everything that a person had in order to divide it economically and reasonably.


We often have to choose between important things. We can opt for only one of them. Figuratively, we put them on the scales. Therefore, there are loads of variations of compositions that will reflect life choices, fears and doubts of each person. You just need to think about what images will help you show what you are fond of. Of course, not only symbolism is important here, but also aesthetics. So the choice of style also plays an important role.


Tattoos in trash polka style always look catchy, and sometimes they are too extravagant. Wide contrasting brushstrokes will definitely attract the attention of others, such a piece of art will can tell people that you are a brave man that doesn’t consider anybody’s opinion and no one can persuade you to do something.

Scales are not the most popular image in trash polka, which makes such a choice of style even more unexpected and original. The scales can be depicted in realism with the use of black ink solely.



Realistic works performed by talented tattoo artists will never seem obsolete. Only this style will make it possible to depict ancient scales decorated with interlacing of golden threads and precious stones. The scale pans may be empty, which will symbolize reaching balance, the absence of any need to weigh anything.


It’s not that easy to ink tattoos in new school style. Its elder brother, old school, is the same but at the same time it’s also characterized by clear and bright colors. This style is great for those who want to add a bit of humor to a serious picture.

For example, the scales with a heart in one scale pan and a brain in the other is a quite interesting image. This opposition is the topic of many jokes. However, the plot is only partly comic, because in fact, sometimes, we have to make a difficult choice between reason and affections, and when something outweighs, you have to cope with the consequences somehow.

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Watercolor works are more often chosen by girls. This is not surprising, because the works in this style are full of airiness, blurred outlines create a feeling of incompleteness, careless brush strokes and streaks speak of emotionality, and thanks to the smooth transitions of shades the picture charms you and draws the eye.

A work with a symbolic image of water in one scale pan and flames in the other will look great in this style. In this case, water means calmness, stability, discretion and creation, and fire signifies passion, unpredictability, wild passion and destruction.


There is an opinion that a tattoo can become a personal mascot. Indeed, if you put a special meaning that is important to you in the image, it becomes a reminder of it.

Looking at the scales as a symbol of justice, order and balance, a person can recall the desire for harmony, suppress too raging emotions that prevent one from looking at oneself and one’s life soberly, sweeping aside all that is superfluous, something that prevent from achieving the desired goal.

There is no magic in tattoos, they don’t have a mystical power and are not capable of changing a person’s life. The person is the one, who empowers them with this power.

Тату-знак-зодиака-весы-на-запястье Тату-знак-зодиака-весы-на-звезде Тату-знак-зодиака-весы-на-спине Тату-знак-зодиака-весы-на-шееТатуировка-знак-зодиака-весы-на-запястье



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