34 Lightning Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Lightning tattoo meanings

Flash, surprise, glitter, a boost of energy and incredible power — all contained in a single lightning strike. The same can be said about a man who honors the mark and does it himself on the body in the form of a tattoo. Meaning tattoo lightning can be very diverse. Anyone who marks himself this sign, puts its own meaning in this phenomenon of nature.

Since ancient times, lightning seen in some mysterious power and an incredible puzzle. With it tied to many legends, it feared, but at the same time worshiped her power. The ancients believed that God sends lightning, anger on the people for their disobedience. But at the same time honored people that was hit by lightning, because they thought such an event mark of God. The lightning was respectful at farmers, because it was accompanied by rain, and the rain, in turn, promised a fertile year.

In today’s religion lightning is considered a symbol of fertility, power and infinite energy . Often, these tattoos appear on the body of the clergy. The scripture says that before the visit of Moses on Mount Sinai broke thunder and lightning, and then there was God.

Lightning — a high-power electrical pulse. Not surprisingly, therefore represent current. Lightning uses on posters signalers and the people of electrotechnical specialties. Therefore, people in these professions are also often applied lightning mark on your body. Sailors believed that lightning protect them in a way it is a kind of talisman, so they revere and respect the mark.

Currently, tattoo lightning cause people self-sufficient, energetic, possess extraordinary thinking, aspiring to power with great willpower and characterized by their surprise. Such people are always in the spotlight, they revere and respect the people around them.


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Photos and designs

Татуировка-с-молниями Тату-маяк-с-молнией Тату-молния-на-голени Тату-молния-на-груди Тату-молния-на-запястье Тату-молния-на-пальце Тату-молния-на-руке Тату-молния-с-облаком Тату-радужная-молния Тату-с-желтой-молнией Тату-с-молнией-на-плече Тату-с-молнией-на-предплечье Значение-татуировки-молния Красивая-татуировка-молния-на-руке Маленькая-тату-молния Молния Татуировка-в-виде-молнии Татуировка-молнии-на-руке Татуировка-молния Татуировка-молния-в-руке Татуировка-молния-и-зонт Татуировка-молния-на-животе Татуировка-с-молнией-на-спине

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