Lily of the valley Tattoos - Meanings, Photos and Designs

Lily of the valley tattoo meanings

Flowers for tattoos chosen mainly girls. What could be more gentle and innocent, than the flower. However, some colors may have the opposite meaning. With regard to the lily of the valley, everything is simple and predictable. It is a symbol of purity, tenderness and femininity. It is often used in wedding bouquets.

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Features tattoos with flowers

  • The tattoo can be either color or black and white, big or small.

  • You can place it anywhere.

  • The dimensions must correspond to the place of application. For example, on the inner surface of the hands of a large color picture will look tasteless.

  • Colors can go from white and green colors of lily of the valley. Many leave only bells, and everything else — or an elaborate pattern or pattern
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In addition, lily tattoo symbolizes love, family values, mutual understanding between spouses, a strong marriage. Many people recommend this figure unmarried girls who are looking for a soul mate.

Lily of the valley — a very interesting flower. For small white flowers hidden sensual strong smell, which is revealed gradually. For girls, this delicate flower could mean that for the modesty and tenderness hidden passionate nature, capable of deep and violent feelings.


The quest for the unattainable, overcoming barriers

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Protection in the fight

Photos and designs

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