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Lion tattoo meanings

I bet that even before reading this article, you guessed about, which means lion tattoo. Since childhood, the image of this animal is formed through cartoons, books, films, where the lion is always a positive character. These animals have a special grandeur and unique grace, immense power.

In the cultures of many nations of the West and the East lion is called the king of beasts. That is why the majority of the holders of the tattoo in the form of a lion — a strong and imperious man . Such people are inherent qualities of a leader, able to lead others along.


Another meaning lion tattoo is associated with the sign of the zodiac. The different transcripts of this sign you will find a lot of most descriptions that can be transferred to the tattoo. For example, the lion-men described as sober and straight, successful executives, Family-Oriented, excellent hunters and miners.

Let’s talk about mythology. The lion tattoo can capture one of the ancient Greek or Roman stories. For example, the lion is a part of the image of Hercules, Apollo, Fortuna. In Egypt, the image of the animal stood for the goddess Sekhmet, personifies the fiery retribution and sizzling heat of the sun. Virtually all the myths and legends, which featured a lion, invest in its image the sun’s energy. Thus, the value of the lion tattoo is quite obvious.

Before we talk about the artistic component of the image of a lion on the body, I want to show you a few mythological images, which can also be used to create sketches tattoo.

griffin — half eagle, half lion


Chimera — a creature with the head of a lion, body of a goat and the tail of the dragon


Manticore — a monster with a human head, body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion


Sphinx — the lion with a human head


How to portray?

For the tattoo artist’s lion — a very difficult and laborious work. Like the image of any animal, there are plenty of details and complex visual elements. The undoubted attribute, of course, is the mane. One it is possible to draw a dozen ways. Many will say that it is best to do a lion tattooed as realistic and abstract patterns in the style of blackwork will not be able to pass all the majesty and grace of these animals. What do you think?


Where to make?

In my opinion, a tattoo of a lion would be best to look on the back and shoulder. And in the case of a lion tattoo on the back of the animal can be represented as a whole, since it is the most extensive and smooth area on the human body. The shoulder has a rounded shape and are perfectly fit the head of the beast, or grin.

In the photo with the head of a lion tattoo, you can see how calm and humble animal, snarling and preparing to leap predators. Such details affect the overall mood of the picture and its perception of others.

In conclusion, I want to share a couple of interesting facts. At the sight of a lion tattoo in movie fans to be associated with the Venice Film Festival, where gold and silver award is in the form of this animal. Besides, everyone knows about the famous movie screen with a roaring lion — the emblem media empire Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

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тату гепард 1

Courage, speed


Grace, flexibility, beauty

Photos and designs

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