30 Lizard Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


The tattoo with a lizard is an extremely interesting symbol that will surely appeal to many and will please not only its external elegance, but also deep meaning. Of all the creatures on the planet, the closest to lizards in the nature are snakes. These two species are really very similar, the main difference is the presence of limbs and the shape of scales. To understand who can harmoniously approach such a tattoo, and what a lizard tattoo means, let’s see how it was perceived by representatives of different cultural traditions.


The lizard was considered the patron of a special science of eloquence – rhetoric in ancient Greece. North American Indians considered him a cunning and quirky beast. This symbol personified resourcefulness, adaptability and flexibility in African tribes. A lizard can have opposite meanings just like snakes: on the one hand it is a symbol of fertility and prosperity, and on the other — the spirit of evil and the embodiment of dark forces.

Thus, you can treat the lizards in different ways, but one thing is clear: these are the most ancient beings who could adapt to the surrounding world and survive at all times. An interesting ability of these creatures is to dump the tail, which subsequently grows again. This gives added meaning to a tattoo in the form of a lizard: regeneration, rebirth, sacrifice in the name of the future.

The tattoo of the lizard is suitable for active, enterprising people. They are ready to take risks and come out dry from the deepest waters. Like a reptile that drops its tail, such people can take a non-standard decision, which then will bring them benefit.

The most popular tattoos are the tattoo of the lizard on the arm and leg because of the elongated shape of this creature. It is difficult to imagine a particular variety of styles when it is depicted, the most realistic version of the voluminous 3d tattoo is most suitable here. However, admirers of ornamental art can always choose a sketch in the style of tribal. You decide!



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