30 Lock and Key Tattoos - Meanings, Photos and Designs

Lock and key tattoo meaning

Frankly, the first time to see the tattoo in the form of a lock and key, I had recently. However, having noticed on the girl’s body a tattoo, just a desire to understand what meaning can carry this tricky subject.

I think everyone who reads this article, is regularly confronted with the keys and the locks in the home. They regularly serve man to protect the values ​​of health and personal space. For locks we store the most valuable of what have. Of course, lovers underwear painting invest in tattoo Castle metaphorical sense.

Фото тату с замком и ключом

What does the tattoo key?

Castle on the body may indicate that the holder seeks to protect, hide their feelings from strangers. Tattoos depicting key may indicate that the holder can find a way, throw off the shackles and to achieve location. One of the most popular tattoo designs lock and key is the option with the heart.

« Key from heart » — this catch phrase fully expresses the meaning of tattoo lock and key within the familiar symbol of love. Obviously, the best place on the body for this pattern is the chest. However, the key to successful tattoo look on almost any part of the body. We will focus on several popular options:

  • the chest,
  • wrist,
  • edges.

In the end it is worth saying that tattoos lock and key — a great choice for lovers. Steam tattoo with a padlock on the body of the girl and the guy on the key body are a great expression of feelings and long scrapie relationship. In the end, as usual, we offer you our photo gallery of tattoos in the form of locks and keys.

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Photos and designs

Фото тату замок в форме сердца Татуировки с замком и ключом на ступнях Татуировка замок на предплечье Татуировка замок на лопатке девушки Татуировка замок на запястье Татуировка замок на бедре девушки Тату с замком на боку девушки Тату ключ на запястье Тату замок фото Тату замок на шее сзади Тату замок и ключ Тату замок и ключ на предплье Тату заком и ключ и запястье Парная татуировка замок и ключ Парная тату замок и ключ Красивые парные тату с замком и ключем Красивая аттуировка замок Значение татуировки ключ Значение татуировки замок Эскиз тату ключ с замком Эскиз тату замок Эскиз тату замка и ключа Фото татуировок с замком и ключом Фото татуировки замок Фото тату с ключом

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