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Lotus tattoo meanings

Tattoo with the image of a lotus is not just found in the most diverse cultures. I admit, this flower for me is one of the most vivid symbols that not only beautify sposony all, regardless of gender and age, but also have a very deep meaning.


Lotus — a very special flower. It grows in marshy impassable terrain, but in spite of this preserves the purity and beauty of the. Overcoming the obstacles of mud and sludge, he revealed on the surface, showing its splendor. Lotus as if drawn to the sun — something higher and unattainable


From this comes the value of the most popular tattoo lotus — the pursuit of the unattainable, the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. This is a unique symbol of the opposite sides of nature, which can be extended to the human essence For me personally, the growth of the lotus — one of the most amazing and philosophical phenomena on Earth.


Mention of the lotus can be found in almost every culture eastern countries. In fact, it is a recognized symbol of the East. From the point of view of Hinduism this plant represents an awakening. Buddhist meditators saints depicted sitting on a lotus. Sam flower is shaped like a bowl, which is why it is often considered a symbol of femininity. In Egypt, the lotus flower is depicted near the sun gods, symbolizing immortality. In ancient Rome, it was the emblem of the goddess of love.

Thus, in different cultures in the image of a lotus put different and uniquely formulated a unified view is quite difficult. But one thing is for sure: this tattoo — a very positive and powerful energy sign


Just as the image of any plant, it looks perfect in color. Most often, artists are asked to do a lotus tattoo on the back, shoulder, ribs and lower back. It’s time to work out the details of his sketch:

  • Saturated or dull colors?

  • The image of a single bud or a flower on a background of water?

  • Clear lines and a variety of shadows?

Look at some popular sketches and photo lotus tattoo. Which option you liked? Write in the comments!

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