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Love tattoos

Love — a bright feeling to which all without exception. Tattoos allow to perpetuate the touching moments, bitterness of loss, loyalty oaths and just deep thoughts that will warm the cold nights. Figures on the skin are designed to attract and retain warm feelings, to perpetuate the memory of the happy days.

The symbol of love is certainly one of the most common tattoos among girls. Love tattoo can be of any kind. Meets all: pictures, intricate patterns, inscriptions in different languages.

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Tattoos inscriptions about love may be of different lengths — short, consisting of the initials of loved ones, to long sentences of warm feelings. The most common Love inscription and image of the heart.

Basic options tattoo about love

  • capacious short statement in English, French, Italian, Latin. Tattoos can be translated.

  • Tattoo sign of love can be one of the Chinese or Japanese characters which means happiness, eternal love, love.

  • Love — is a sense in which there are two. beloved often make a tattoo with half of the inscription or picture to the full version can be assessed only when they are together.
  • Arabic inscriptions also quite often the object will melt application to the skin.

  • The most ancient symbol of passion — it heart in different sizes . Also, there may be additional elements, such as a rose or an arrow.

  • The symbol of love is considered to be infinite. Often in the «eight» of the symbol inscribe initials lover or capacious phrase that plays the role of the motto for the owner of the tattoo.

  • The Angel is designed to protect a warm feeling and bring happiness.

  • The sensuality and passion kindle a dolphin or a frog and a red rose.

The small tattoo made to put on the wrist, ankle or wrist. Larger specimens are placed on the chest, back, shoulder. By and large, no matter what the tattoo is a symbol of love, the main thing — its uniqueness, originality and a deep emotional content, the main purpose of which is protection of fragile peace two . To place an inscription on the belly is not desirable, because most likely it will float and become unreadable.

Phrases for tattoo of love can be like to come up with yourself, and turn to the classics of literature. Inscription in a foreign language makes it more original and understandable only for a couple whose feelings it seeks to protect.

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Photos and designs

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