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Lynx tattoo meanings

The lynx is an animal that stands out careful and prudent behavior. It helps her to carry out a successful recovery proceedings. In particular, its behavior is also incorporated stealth and patience, which allows it to hunt for a long time and successfully produce food, having a small size. Tattoo lynx most suitable person who has a stubborn nature, but it knows how to talk.

The tattoo with the image of a wild animal, which is a member of the cat family, will say that the person has a secretive nature. He does not show trust to strangers, but at the same time ready to help the weak and defend his honor, if circumstances so require. In a general sense the presence of a person’s body image of a wild cat may mean that the owner is able to in the place which he is ready to perform in all circumstances.

Many owners associated value tattoo lynx with her family habits . Pairs of these animals which are in the natural environment practically disintegrate. Together they are raising their young. The reason for the break in relations can serve except that the death of one of them. For this reason, if the human body has a pattern in the form of an animal, it can be expected constancy of feelings and devotion. This figure does not suit a person who has a habit of frequently changing partners. Underwear picture lynx also symbolizes physical and spiritual strength.

Image grinning cat is a sign of the increased aggressiveness of the tattoo wearer. Such a person may be violent towards other people. Typically, customers often want to tattoo parlors only head (grin) animal. In rare cases, the master has to draw on the body of a full-size image of a lynx.

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Strength, courage, leadership


Pride, willfulness, feminine

Photos and designs

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