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Representatives of the cat family have long and firmly established in the culture of tattoos. Both women and men decorate their bodies with images of graceful, brave, strong and dexterous predators. We will talk about one of these beautiful creatures in this article, about how our ancestors treated him, and also learn what the meaning of the lynx tattoo is for girls and for guys in the modern world.


Ironically, the image of the lynx is not as popular in the world as the symbols of other representatives of wild cats, such as lions, tigers, panthers or jaguars. However, this is no reason to believe that such a beautiful and powerful animal does not deserve attention. Mentioned predators have a number of qualities that are very much appreciated in human society, and it’s not about the animal power and strength that nature endowed these creatures with.

The eternal companion of Freya

According to Scandinavian legends, the most responsive and attentive to human pleas goddess of love Freyja rode in a chariot drawn by lynxes. Freya was honored by many Germanic peoples. This is evidenced by the found in Schleswig, a historically important area between modern Denmark and Germany, an image of this goddess in the form of a beautiful barefooted woman riding a fluffy cat and trumpeting a horn.

«Crimson Pearl» of the Slavs

The ancient Slavs had a beautiful myth about the Crimson Pearl, in which the majestic representative of the cat family stands as the personification of the best human qualities.

The story tells about Prince Izyaslav, who was a werewolf. All the princely heirs were born beautiful, stately, strong men, but apart from that, they were distinguished by their predatory spark in the emerald eyes, which betrayed the animal blood in the veins of the young men. Soon in the family of Izyaslav appeared a girl named Arysya in honor of the foremother of all werewolves. She grew up a sociable, kind and sympathetic girl. And one day she was destined to fall in love with an ordinary peasant boy. The daughter of the prince wanted to tell her chosen one about her true nature, but was afraid that he would not accept her like that, and, perhaps, frightened, even want to kill. Tortured by doubts and fears, the girl went for advice to her elder brothers, Temnoslav and Vlasteslav, but they did not approve of their sister’s feelings for the peasant and decided to finish him off.

On the night of the full moon, Arysya met her beloved and, hearing from him the words of love and understanding, decided to appear in her other guise. But unfortunately the princely sons could not be stopped, they began to shoot Arysya’s chosen one. The arrow did not reach its goal, but got into a lynx girl who tried to protect her love. Seeing this, Vlasteslav and Temnoslaw escaped, and after returning in the morning, they saw two lifeless bodies — their sister, already in human form, and trying to revive her young peasant.

However, the blood and souls of lovers mingled, becoming a single whole.

Realizing what they had done, the brothers began to cry and pray for forgiveness, and then they saw Arysya in front of them. The last drop of blood that fell from the maiden’s body became the Crimson Pearl and a reminder that love knows no obstacles and works wonders. The meaning of lynx tattoo for girls can be found in dreams about eternal and pure love based on this legend.


It is worth to mention the fact that Italian scientists created a community of naturalists in 1603 — the Lynx Academy, designed to combat prejudice and fanatical religiosity through science. Knowledge had to overcome the darkness and suffering of mankind. One of the honorary members of the Academy was the great physicist, mathematician and philosopher Galileo. And the symbol of the organization was the lynx, torn by the claws of the mythical Cerberus.

What does a lynx tattoo in modern society mean?

The meaning of the figure illustrating the lynx largely depends on the individual qualities of the person and the meaning that is embedded in the tattoo by the owner himself. This image is equally suitable for both men and women, and can be located almost on any part of the body.

And now let’s look at the details of what lynx tattoo means:

  • Computability, purposefulness, cunning. Lynxes are skilled hunters. They are able to pursue their victim for hours, thinking through routes and roads, counting the forces of the pursued animal and their own. Proceeding from this, a tattoo with a lynx will suit a person with an analytical mind, farsighted and attentive.
  • Caution, stealth, vigilance. The image of this wild cat characterizes its owner as a person who does not have the habit of trusting the first comer. Such people often lead a rather secretive way of life, they have a tendency to think carefully about their actions and analyze the actions of others. Do not try to lie to them and flatter them — they do not tolerate lies and fawning.
  • Loyalty, reliability, responsibility. The tattoo of a lynx means that the person who wears it treasures his relatives and friends, he will prefer rather one permanent and trusted partner than he will look for adventures on the love front. Such conclusions can be drawn from the way of life of predators themselves. They continue their kind, choosing one permanent partner, bringing up their offspring, do not allow strangers to join the family.
  • Strength, courage, militancy, ownership. Even if the lynx seems outwardly absolutely calm, relaxed and soft, she is ready to protect what is dear to her at any moment, to rush into the attack, defending her territory. Perhaps that’s why the lynx tattoo on the shoulder becomes a sign of self-sufficient and strong personality for many people.


If you decide to do, for example, a lynx tattoo on your hand, then a new school style may become a suitable for you. Developed in this direction oval and vertically elongated sketches, which just fit for placement on this part of the body, look just great. The tattoo looks brighter, voluminous, textured due to clear contours and bright saturated colors. A graceful hunter can be depicted in new school style along with roses, other floral or plant motifs, a dream catcher, a dagger, an ancient amulet or a talisman. Such combinations can add to the overall composition an additional, relevant only for your inner world, meaning.

Realism is considered the most common direction for the image of animal. A professional and experienced tattoo artist working in this style can create a real masterpiece of fine art on your skin. Here you can’t limit your imagination and choose a sketch illustrating a lynx on a background of a night forest or a starry sky, a predator that wanders along the river in search of prey that came to the watering hole, and, perhaps, you want to choose for yourself the image of a wild cat with cubs that she is ready to defend at the cost of her own life.

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