25 Marilyn Monroe Tattoos - Meanings, Photos and Designs

Marilyn Monroe fan tattoos

Tattoos Marilyn Monroe are very popular today, through more than 50 years after the death of the actress. This tattoo can be seen not only in the usual fans of women, which has become a global sex symbol, but also many famous people.

For example, the famous Hollywood actress Megan Fox for many years adorned with the image of Marilyn Monroe on the body, but recently brought him.

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The reasons for the appearance of a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe could be the following:

  • The desire to show his interest in the creative and popular actress identity , as well as to the era of the 50s.

  • Bring in your way of sex appeal and attractiveness.

  • Create a real masterpiece on the body, using a sketch of the famous photo of Marilyn.

  • At the moment, tattoo masters use a large number of sketches for tattoos with a famous actress. For example, the tattoo might be the most realistic, stylized and so on. D. Often the owners of such wearable images far away from the standard image of Marilyn, making her gothic makeup or a skull instead of a face.

    Very popular colored tattoos, since they will be able to convey the fullness of the image of the great actress. Dimensions of this underwear pattern can be virtually any — from a few centimeters to the image on the entire back


    In conclusion, it is worth saying that in fact the tattoo Monroe, despite the restrictions, it is possible to make a unique, using imagination to the maximum.

    Татуировка с балериной на плече

    Perseverance, beauty, the pursuit of excellence

    тату гейша 1

    Beauty, elegance

    Photos and designs

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