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Mask tattoo meanings

Unique or distorted facial features, which may be presented in a variety of demonic or clownish images — such a framework is under a mask image. Tattoo mask is the symbol union of two opposing personalities in person , which for the outer visible side of the body shell hiding the internal invisible qualities.

Deception, anxiety, transformation, non-existence is very often the companions of creative people whose whole life is a game, and they are just actors in it. It is for this duality they choose a tattoo with the image of the mask. At the moment, tattoo parlors tattoo designs represent masks in four versions: Chania mask, theater, Hollywood and Venice. Each tattoo has a certain value depending on the image that is portrayed in the figure.

Значение-татуировки-маска Значение-тату-маска Тату-венецианская-маска татуировка-венецианская-маска Тату-венецианская-маска-и-бабочка

The first theatrical masks were presented on the stage of Rome and Greece. With the closing face masks and their change during the performance the actors are able to express their emotions, and eventually became incarnate theatrical masks performing arts. Drawing tattoo in the form of a theatrical mask is the variability of human life and its role in the modern world. By the way, do not forget to look at photos of various marine tattoos, that’s interesting!

World-famous Carnival in Venice can not do without the use of masks, which can be decorated with gold and precious stones. The main purpose of the Venetian carnival masks on any of this equation all participants, regardless of their social or material status.

The mask is allowed to wear only during the festival, when, for a while, erased all the faces of decency, filmed all the bans and people get a breath of freedom from the daily routine. Venetian mask Tattoo says about equality of people regardless of their differences and external status. Meaning tattoo mask implies a profound philosophy, the cruelty of the world, just realism, while remaining stylish accessory.

тату слеза под глазом 1
Tear eye

The experience of past years

тату колючая проволока 1
Barbed wire

Sacrifice of Christ

Photos and designs

татуировка-в-форме-маски Татуировка-маска Татуировка-маски-треш-полька Татуировки-венецианские-маски Тату-маска-гая-фокса Тату-маска-на-руке-фото Тату-маска-полинезия Тату-маски Тату-маска-со-слезами Тату-маска-на-руке Тату-маски-на-плече Фото-татуировки-с-маской Эскиз-тату-венцианской-маски Эскиз-масок-для-тату Тату-маски-в-реализме Эскиз-тату-маска Эскизы-татуировки-маска Эскизы-тату-масок

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