38 Masonic Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Masonic tattoos

Masonic fraternity attaches great importance to symbolism. In addition to real characters, such as apron or the Holy Book of the Law, there are images. They are designed to distinguish between people who belong to the Masons.



The main characters include the image square and compasses. They were used by masons in ancient times. The main interpretation is in presenting lessons and the ability to limit yourself. There is disagreement about the meaning of the letter G in the middle. Main opinion that it symbolizes God, which is the movement of a cent.
The most common tattoo is a Masonic eye enclosed in a triangle. It symbolizes the Great Architect of the Universe, who is constantly looking for order and fraternity activities. Another name for this sign — the radiant delta. The triangle is not chosen by chance, it is associated with fire and education. Open eyes in a Masonic tattoo mark is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, conscience.

Before you choose a tattoo as a Masonic eye is worth remembering that it has a sacred significance and has an enormous effect. Do not treat him with disrespect. All-Seeing Eye carries a set of values ​​associated with different cultures. Before you apply it on your skin, it is necessary to consider how important it is to carry it for you.

By the Masonic tattoos also include images of crosses (Greek, ankh, and others). They are often depicted together with other characters, making the composition. Crosses symbolize not only the sun, but also the four elements that make up our world.

Masonic tattoos are of religious significance, so they should be placed in the upper part of the trunk and carefully approach the choice of the sign and place of application. Sacred symbols are often applied to the arms, back or head.

Photos and designs

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