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Mermaid tattoo meanings

The character is a mermaid tattoo character folklore of many peoples. Of particular popularity it was among the Slavs and residents of Western European countries. Because of interest in the image of the sea nymphs from the artists and poets of the Victorian era, the literary image of a beautiful maiden with a fish tail somewhat eclipsed by the «real» image of a mermaid.

In the folklore texts, they have a lot in common with the frights and other demonic characters. Their appearance repels, and habits leave much to be desired.

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In the legends of mermaids Slavs became dead young girls who failed to marry or unbaptized children. There were young men, Rusal, but so rarely that mention of them is practically no.

virgin Lived mainly in the forest or in the field. Slavs feared mermaids in mermaid week chose not to sew ( «that mermaids do not sew the eye»), has no place in a hut ( «to mermaids eyes do not sweep») and does not walk in the woods.

The image of a mermaid in Slavic folklore mainly negative. They may «tickle», and spoil the harvest, and greatly afraid. Since ancient times, the Slavic virgin forest with its tail was a symbol of the rivers and lakes.

Residents of Scandinavia «settled» mermaid in the sea, giving it personality traits inherent in other mythological characters, such as sirens. She could enchant and captivate his sailor in the depths of the sea.

What is a mermaid tattoo?

In today’s culture, the image of the Virgin of fish is quite relevant. Tattoo with the image of a mermaid found in both genders and a variety of subcultures. Apply this picture and prisoners. Sitting alone on a rock, with a tail nymph is a symbol of good luck and freedom , and chained to the anchor, it denotes disappointment in others, the loss of the most expensive. mermaid tattoo is common among sailors and fishermen. According to European legend, many members of the profession were not averse to visit visiting the marine beauty.

ladies pictured on the body, this picture symbolizes sexuality and a desire not so much to create a family, how to dominate man to subdue his will. Alluring beauty and hidden danger — these are the basic values ​​of the image in this case


If a picture with a mermaid gets himself a man, it means that he has a passionate temperament, full of love and capable of beautiful act in relation to the subdued beauty.

How best to represent tattoo?

a tattoo in the form of a mermaid is certainly very beautiful. If we talk about girls, it is applied to the rounded part of the body that symbolizes femininity and eroticism. Men are such image on the forearm, shoulder or chest .

Virgo fish is portrayed in several guises. «European» mermaid different artful expression and defiant, mocking glance. Her Slavic sister, on the contrary, has a relaxed and even timid beauty. Sometimes tailed maiden portrayed with wings, but in this case prevails fantasy artist, enthusiastic fantasy genre.

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