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Milky way tattoo meanings

Tattoo with the Milky Way is chosen by people who are fond of mysticism. It is believed that this symbol allows a person to control their own destiny, master cosmic energy , which has a great impact on everyone. With high-quality color tattoos, including a plurality of stars, planets, constellations, you can also supplement your image, giving it a mystery, originality. If you want to make a tattoo Milky Way, you should take care of choosing the master, which will not only pick up the perfect combination of colors, but also to develop individual designs according to your wishes.

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At the tattoo of the Milky Way, which is in the photo always looks nice and original, there are several values, one way or another connected with the cosmic forces and energies of the heavenly bodies. Despite the fact that in the mythology and beliefs of the peoples of the world tells about the influence of certain planets and stars on human, the Milky Way as a whole has a greater impact on the various aspects of life:

  • success.

  • The relationship with others.

  • mood.

  • Health.

Where to make?

At the moment, such an image is applied to the shoulders, arms, legs, hips, chest, head, and even the face. If the color and location of the tattoos is defined correctly, then this figure will not cause a negative impression — on the contrary, its infinite and mysterious spiral shape will fascinate anyone who looks at it


You can also move away from the traditional idea of ​​making the Milky Way in the back, which as it is pulled out from under the skin. Tattoo, supplemented by figures spaceships, asteroids and debris bright flickering distant stars clusters, will make a real splash with its uniqueness. If you want to decorate your body, unusual characters tattooed with a «slice» of the cosmos will approach can be very useful.


Energy, power, fertility


Reincarnation, update, change

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Photos and designs

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