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Monkey tattoo meanings

In the Middle Ages tattoo monkey could be considered by theologians and scientists as sinister parody of the man. It is harmless and funny animal symbolized the worst that can be in humans. Most often, they were accused of laziness, treachery, meanness , striving to serve Mammon, and anger. Some zealots reached even to the point that is directly accused of aiding the poor creature to the devil, cursed and excommunicated.

With the advent of the Gothic era popularized two images of monkeys: the animal holding an apple in his mouth, served as a reminder of the Fall formidable ancestor. Gorilla in chains, symbolized victory over the sinful nature.

In the East, the attitude to the monkey was positive. The ancient texts of Indian legends featured Hanuman, Rama’s faithful servant and wise diplomat monkey tribe. Wise monkey and thought in Egypt. The Chinese have also seen in this deft and agile beast positive side. Monkey associated them with the wit, the right attitude towards money , but also with self-love, and deceit volatility.

In Japan in the seventeenth century the immense popularity gained the image of the Three Wise Monkeys, which symbolized the evil failure.

What does the tattoo monkey?

The controversial image of the monkey is not as popular as the other characters, but fans of this animal has. What exactly will symbolize the animal, it depends on what tradition made the picture. Figure with the image of a monkey by the Euro-style, may represent greed and the desire to «get out of life.» Monkey depicted on the body in the eastern technique, conversely, means that a person moderately cautious, clever, diligent, and always knows what she wants.

How and where to apply?

In today’s culture of monkey tattoo often portrayed in caricature: so exposed and ridiculed all the vices of the human race. Despite the controversy, monkey tattoo often choose a sociable, open and active people. The smaller the monkey in the «European» and the more «Eastern» or caricatured traits, the more likely that the tattoo will have a positive impact on human interaction. To a large extent a monkey tattoo chosen by men. Apply pattern back, ankle, forearm and shoulder. Running in color (cheerful warm shades) and in monochrome shades.

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