30 Moon Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Moon tattoo meanings

The development of lunar symbolism influenced mainly its magic effect on the tides, as well as the mysterious link between lunar phases and cycles of physiological development of women, so the moon is usually symbolizes the feminine .

Different cultures and nationalities unanimously chose the moon symbol of femininity and exhibited her constant attribute to their goddesses, an example may be Ishtar, Artemis, Hathor, Diana, Anahit, Hecate and Selene.

In ancient Egypt, the goddess of the moon represented the fun and joy of Bast and later with the goddess Isis, and other goddesses, cats.

Татуировка луны на груди мужчины

Chinese mythology the moon is also associated feminine and represents the symbol of Yin. The young crescent in ancient Chinese poetry represents the feminine beauty. Residents of South America was considered the most important god of the moon and supreme ruler. In heraldry the crescent Western Europeans associated with the cradle of Christ, the cup for Holy Communion, or a way of evil — snake. Roman as legends say that the crescent moon symbol of patronage over all that is under it.

The ancient Celtic peoples represented two crescent-spaced back as a symbol of immortality. Only in Japan was the personification of the moon god of male Susanovo.

What does the moon tattoo?

Tattoos and moon indicate mystery and romance of the mysterious . This means drawing on the body magic, symbolizing night, mysticism and madness. Moon in the tattoo could mean the following:

  1. Superstitions: moon behind clouds picture characterizes the mystical otherworldly effects on human
  2. .

  3. Astrology: the image of the moon symbolizes the love of a mother to a child of that exudes warmth, light and care
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  5. The image of the moon with wild animals: among them may be wolves, owls, panthers or ordinary cat, which was considered the main companion witch
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According to ancient mythology image imaginary drawings on the body except the moon decoration and display owner tendency to nocturnal and love of mystery and mysticism anything for a no responsibility. Basically tattooed with moon pattern size is small, and can be located anywhere in absolutely. The most common tattoo moon applied to the neck, back, arms (shoulders). The image can be in a variety of designs: Celtic patterns, graphic style or cartoon image.

тату месяц 30
Half moon

Power of night


The awakening, energy, power

Photos and designs

Татуировка фея и  месяц на лопатке Луна Татуировки с лунами на предплечье Узорная татуировка месяц Цветочная татуировка месяц Эскиз тату месяц Маленькая тату луна на лопатке Реалистичная наколка с луной на спине Реалистичная тату луна Тату луна на плече девушки Тату луна на плече Тату луна на предплечье Тату луны на животе девушки Тату месяц на лопатке Татуировка злой месяц Татуировка луна за облаками Татуировка сова на фоне луны на спине Тату кошка в месяце Фото татуировки луна на спине

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