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Moth tattoo meanings

Tattoos in the form of a butterfly can often be seen on different parts of the female body. In today’s world it is considered to be the personification of this insect tenderness, lightness and freedom. In ancient times, different types of butterflies attached a great importance — it was thought that these creatures had a relationship with the earth and with the lower world, where live demons and spirits


That is why these winged insects were divided into messengers again, the defenders of evil forces, messengers and so on. D. If a person is inflicted on your body image in the form of a moth, it automatically acquires the ability of this insect.

Over time, a serious attitude to the moths and butterflies have changed — replace the legends come exclusively aesthetic. Many people do not attach importance to tattoos moth say that neat butterfly, whose wings are embellished with bright, beautiful flowers, it looks quite attractive.

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Interpretation of the paintings with butterflies

All the wearable paintings depicting lung butterflies with silky wings, can be interpreted as follows:

  • As a symbol of lightness, naive, attractive, airy.

  • As the personification of freedom, looseness, promiscuity in relations with the opposite sex (due to the fact that some moths live only a few days, they need as quickly as possible to find a partner for reproduction).

  • As a way to emphasize their fragility, femininity and beauty.


It should be noted that suspect girl or woman in loose morals and licentiousness, judging only one value tattoo butterfly today, it is not necessary. Despite some negative connotation and association occurring at the mention of this insect, the whole character is positive. By selecting a thumbnail image of a butterfly tattoo, you will strengthen your connection to nature , energy flows.

In conclusion, it should be said that some people had a moth sacred meaning. For example, in Mexico, this insect has been a symbol of the infinite night sky and fire, as well as reminder of the transience of human existence. In the East (China and Japan), speaking of the moths in the family meant harmony and elegance. No wonder the Japanese princesses compared with these insects in such qualities as grace, lightness and beauty. Western Europeans, such as the Germans, generally referred to as moths symbol of rebirth.

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Photos and designs

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