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Narcissus tattoo meanings

Tattoos in the form of a narcissus is very often found on the body of the beautiful half of humanity, as the girls are attracted not only unusual and attractive appearance of this flower, but also a hidden meaning, which he carries. Probably, many holders of such tattoos remember interesting legend about a young man named Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection and died from it. But few know that these flowers represent the majority of the peoples of narcissism, lightheadedness, vanity, and in some cases even stupidity.

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The value of different peoples of the world

The worldwide value of narcissus, as well as tattoos, which have this flower is different. It should give an example of some of the most striking characteristics of the people of this plant is:

  • One of the most popular values ​​narcissus — the personification of vanity. Such quality flower acquired after the appearance of the ancient Greek legend of the god Narcissus.

  • In the same ancient Greek Narcissus was one of the symbols of death, as this plant bloomed quickly and as suddenly withered.

  • The Persians scent of narcissus identified with youth and beauty.

  • The Muslims believe that the flower is a sign of devotion to God and unwavering faith.

  • The Chinese and still hold the opinion that this plant brings joy, luck and helps to find happiness in marriage.

Currently, each owner of tattoos with a narcissist invests in her feelings, thoughts and sense. The image of the flower looks quite impressive in almost all parts of the body, but it is best to apply it to the field with a delicate skin, in order to enhance the beauty of a flower — the neck, wrist, shoulder blades, chest and shoulders. Qualitatively made narcissus tattoo will attract the glances of people pleasing yourself.

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The value depends on the color

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Photos and designs

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